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Avoid These Dangerous DIY Home Electrical Repairs
Avoid These Dangerous DIY Home Electrical Repairs
February 01, 2023

Avoid These Dangerous DIY Home Electrical Repairs

Humans have achieved numerous advancements across all aspects of life. With that being said, nobody can be an expert at everything, and that's why it is advisable to consult a professional for help. At Neighborhood Electric, we have an experienced team with extensive industry knowledge and expertise to handle any job from electrical repair to maintenance. When dealing with something as complicated as electricity, whether it's installation, replacement, or repair, firing an electrician protects you from the subsequent hazards of inexperience and poor installation.

While being self-sufficient is not a bad thing, it becomes hard to differentiate projects that should be left to an electrician and those we can do ourselves. The slightest miscalculation when doing electrical work can severely damage your appliances and home and cause injuries due to electrocution. Over the years, we have encountered several DIY home electrical repairs that inexperienced or poorly-equipped individuals should never attempt.

Wiring Upgrades

Whether you are moving into a new home or renovating your old home, replacing or modifying your electrical wiring is not taken lightly. If you wire your home incorrectly or use the wrong wire, you risk severe repercussions like failed inspection and fire damage, significantly denting your finances. The safest and most effective solution is to hire a reputable electrician to replace and upgrade your home's wiring—the experts at Neighborhood Electric leverage cutting-edge tools and equipment for enhanced safety and efficiency.

Electrical Panel Work

As you keep up with new technology, it is vital to upgrade your electrical panel to keep up with the demand for electricity from various appliances. The last thing you want is overloading your electrical panel and damaging your wiring and connected appliances. The more you add electrical appliances to your home, the more overwhelmed the electrical panel becomes. Failure to address this issue can result in tripping circuit breakers and even pose a fire hazard. An electrician can determine the severity of the damage before recommending electrical repair or replacement, which isn't easy for a DIYer.

Circuit Installation and Updates

If members of your household are constantly arguing over the only open plug, it is a sign you need to upgrade your circuits. Breakers continually cutting off power or tripping indicate a lack of sufficient capacity, which is quite costly and frustrating for those working from home. Neighborhood Electric can help you keep your appliances up and running by expanding your electrical capacity to meet the growing demand for modern appliances.

Fan Installation

Fan installation seems easy, but it requires meticulous planning and expertise to navigate the complex process safely. Minor wiring errors can result in future complications, which is not ideal and compromises the safety of those around. We ensure that the exhaust vent is sealed correctly so that fumes are not released into your living space.

There are many reasons why you should steer away from DIY home electrical projects. Call us today at Neighborhood Electric and schedule an appointment with our professional electrician for more information.