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If you are looking for an electrician in Central Islip, then you are at the right place. Neighborhood Electric is thrilled to bring years of experience, reliable electrical service, and affordable prices to all areas of Central Islip. Our uniformed electricians are regularly trained and use some of the latest tools and technology to get the job done right the first time around. Call Neighborhood Electric at any time of the day to schedule a convenient appointment or request emergency electrical repair service today. Our dedicated representatives are on standby to take your call.

Schedule Your Routine Electrical Inspection Today

Electrical systems are designed and installed to safely distribute electricity to a number of circuits and connected devices, appliances, and fixtures. However, regular wear and tear as well as accidental damage can compromise the integrity of the electrical system. Damaged or loose wiring can expose you and your property to electrical surges, electrocutions, electrical fires, and more. Schedule routine electrical inspections to ensure your electrical system is safe and up to standard.

When to Call an Electrician?

Many homeowners wait too long to call an electrician. This delayed response can cost you big time. Electricity is nothing to take lightly, and you should stay alert for some of the common warning signs:

  • Overheating outlets or light switches
  • Flickering lights
  • Buzzing or humming noises from outlets, wires, circuit breaker box, or walls
  • Burning smell or smoke from outlets, circuit breaker box, electrical panel replacement, or electrical wires
  • Frequently tripping circuit breakers
  • Electric shock from appliances or outlets
  • Burn marks on outlets or circuit breaker box

The sooner you call an electrician, the more likely we can prevent extensive electrical damage to the electrical system, electronics and appliances, and your property and well-being. Don’t wait for appliances to get fried to schedule electrician repair in Central Islip. Call Neighborhood Electric if you notice warning signs mentioned above.

How Old Is Your Electrical System?

Electrical wires and circuit breakers are designed and made to last several decades, but they will eventually wear out or succumb to accidental damage. Further, old electrical systems might not be made to meet the electrical demands of our modern world. If your building was built in the last century, then it might be past time to upgrade your electrical system and/or circuit breaker. If your lights flicker when you connect devices to the outlets, or if circuit breakers frequently trip off, then consider having an electrician inspect your electrical system. This can save your electronics and appliances from unnecessary damage.

We Are Always Happy to Help

Electricians in Central Islip are just one call away thanks to Neighborhood Electric. You do not have to wait days or through the weekend or holidays for electrical repair. Call Neighborhood Electric at any time of the day to request emergency electrical service, electrical panel replacement, circuit breaker box installation, ceiling fan installation, or lighting installation in Central Islip. Our live representatives and dedicated electricians are on standby to take your call at any time of the day. We are ready when you are.

Why Choose Us ?

Local Electricians
Local Electricians

Neighborhood Electric is a locally owned & operated electrical comapny.

Local Electricians
Never Overtime Charges
Never Overtime Charges

You will be provided total cost before our electricians start working. We offer flat rate pricing.

Never Overtime Charges
Workmanship & Parts Guaranteed
Workmanship & Parts Guaranteed

We guarantee workmanship and parts used to repair electrical problems or installations.

Workmanship & Parts Guaranteed