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What's Ground Wire and Why It is Important
What's Ground Wire and Why It is Important
February 01, 2023

What's Ground Wire and Why It is Important

Apart from the installation of internal power surge protection in your home, another smart way to safeguard the electrical appliances is to ground the electrical system. This is because fluctuations in power supply are inevitable and it is your responsibility to protect your assets as well as the health and safety of all members of your household.

However, At Neighborhood Electric, we understand that grounding or the installation of ground wire may be confusing to homeowners and other non-technological savvy individuals, and we have demystified it in this article.

Ground wire and cables are essential for both residential and commercial electrical wiring to prevent hazardous electrical shocks. It is installed in the home to provide a conducting path and an alternative route for excess electrical current to follow back to the ground when there is a problem in the system.

The electrical system is designed to discharge its energy when there is a short circuit situation through the negative wire and return to equilibrium. Without this backup pathway to the ground, the negative current may flow through other materials to cause electrical shock, and in the worst case scenario, it could cause a fire outbreak.

Why the grounding wire is important in every home

The purpose of the grounding wire is to create a safe and controlled way for the positive charges to get to the ground. Under normal circuit operations, the wire does not carry electrical current, but during a short circuit or a breakdown of the normal pathway of the current that could be potentially dangerous to both appliances and humans, it discharges the hot current and prevents hazardous electrical shocks and fire in your property.

It is critical to ground your home or office electrical system including the receptacles and also to securely connect them at the breaker box. Another advantage of grounding your electrical system is to protect it from lightning strikes that could cause electrical surge and could potentially damage sensitive gadgets like mobile phones, computers, smart TVs and others.

Additionally, grounding your electrical system stabilizes voltage levels so that your appliances could get the right amount of power.

As an alternative path for the current to return safely to the ground and normalize the electric system in the event of a short circuit or lightning strike, it can only function effectively when your wiring is perfect. Therefore, do not risk the life of your loved ones or the appliances connected to your system, you need the services of a certified, experienced and bonded electrician from Neighborhood Electric to inspect your electrical system and probably fix any wiring defects.

Lets give your wiring a proper grounding

If you have any doubt or unsure whether your electrical system is grounded, this is the right time to call skillful electricians from Neighborhood Electric to get it perfectly done.

We will get your electrical system properly grounded so that any short-circuiting, lightning strikes or voltage fluctuations will not affect your appliances or cause electric shock and fire in your home. With our services, the potential dangers associated with the ungrounded electrical system will be eradicated. Call professionals from Neighborhood Electric to help you ground your home or office electrical system.