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How to Use Your Extension Cords Safely
How to Use Your Extension Cords Safely
February 01, 2023

How to Use Your Extension Cords Safely

Extension cords are highly convenient when it comes to bringing power to electrical devices. Although extension cords can support a range of electrical devices, they can easily become overloaded, resulting in safety hazards. Learning how to use your extension cord safely goes a long way in ensuring that your devices don’t get damaged, or worst-case scenario, an electrical fire. Neighborhood Electric has a team of experienced electricians who can help you avoid overloading issues and other safety hazards associated with the wrongful use of extension cords. Here are some of the safety tips to ensure that you are protected from electrical cord-related hazards.

Choose the Right Type of Extension Cord for You

There are three categories of extension cords: rugged use, occasional use, and frequent use. It is advisable to ensure that you choose the most suited extension cord for your needs by assessing the cord and package. An extension cord marked S indicates that it is meant for general use, and the cord is suitable for indoor applications. An extension cord marked W is designed for outdoor use, and they are insulated with bright orange, vinyl or plastic covers. There are many types of extension cords designated using various letters, and working with an expert can help you choose the most suitable depending on your power needs.

Buy Three-Prong Plug Extension Cords

When looking for an extension cord for your needs, you have the option of choosing either a two or three-prong plug cord. We recommend choosing a three-prong extension cord, where one prong serves as a ground wire, while the rest serve as neutral and hot connectors. A three-prong extension cord is important in minimizing the risk of electrocutions and fires by redirecting electrical surges to a safe place where they can dissipate. Three-prong extensions can only be used where there are three-prong electrical outlets. Before upgrading your electrical wiring to new three-prong versions, our experts recommend having it assessed and repaired where necessary to enhance electrical safety.

Watch Wattage Ratings

Every extension cord comes with specific instructions from the manufacturer and important information such as wattage rating. If you are not certain of the extension to use, we can help you choose an extension cord with sufficient wattage for your power needs. This is crucial in mitigating overheating and other extension cord-related issues that result in electrical fires.

Avoid Covering Extension Cords

Most homeowners consider extension cords as unsightly when they are visible on the open floor, covering the cords with a rug. This is something that should be avoided at all costs since it increases the risk of a fire. If the electrical transfer generates a lot of heat, the rug is at risk of catching fire. It is advisable only to plug in your extension cords and store them when not in use.

Working closely with an expert goes a long in guaranteeing safety for your property and ensures your potential risks are mitigated. Contact the certified electricians at Neighborhood Electric, and enjoy the convenience of using a safe extension cord.