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Appliances That Can Trip Your Circuit Breaker
Appliances That Can Trip Your Circuit Breaker
February 01, 2023

Appliances That Can Trip Your Circuit Breaker

Do you frequently turn on a tool or appliance only to cause your electricity to shut off? While tripped circuit breakers can be frustrating, they are more commonplace than many people realize. This is particularly true for older properties that may have outdated electrical systems. At Neighborhood Electric, we provide local homeowners and businesses with professional services, including circuit breaker repair and wiring upgrades. Unfortunately, it isn’t always easy to know whether your tripped circuits are cause for alarm or whether you’ve simply overloaded your system. Here is a list of devices that can cause your family to take another trip to the utility closet.

Outdated Refrigerators

New refrigerator models can perform their tasks with much less energy than those built in the past. However, those who live in older homes may still have a fridge manufactured twenty years ago before the standards changed. If so, then your refrigerator may be putting a heavy load on your circuits, especially when your household uses many other tools, appliances, and devices. The issue will likely continue, unfortunately, until you either invest in a wiring upgrade or purchase a more energy-efficient refrigerator.

Portable Air Conditioners and Fans

If your home is unequipped with central heating and cooling systems, then you may rely on fans or portable air conditioners during the summer months to keep the temperature better regulated. While a single fan won’t do much harm, running larger air conditioning units and multiple fans can quickly overwhelm your circuits.


Vacuum cleaners can harness quite a bit of electrical energy. If you plug in your vacuum, but it doesn’t work, there could be many different reasons. You may have overloaded your system, causing the breaker to trip. The outlet or breaker may require a repair or your vacuum may be struggling to work properly. If it only occurs on a single outlet or circuit but works just fine in other areas of the home, then you need to call an electrician who can inspect the issue.

Hair Styling Tools 

Flat irons, curling rods, and dryers may seem small compared to your oven or water heater. However, these items can often cause an issue because of the location they are used at. Most bathrooms are equipped with GFCI outlets, and for a good reason. These GFCI outlets help prevent electrical shock in rooms with higher moisture content levels. However, because they are designed to be more sensitive, they can also shut off more frequently. If this happens, you can simply unplug your devices and reset the outlet with the button on the cover.

When to Invest in a Circuit Breaker Repair or Replacement

The occasionally tripped circuit is to be expected in any household. However, if you notice that the frequency of issues is increasing or that your electrical system is past due for some upgrades, then it may be time to invest in a circuit breaker repair or replacement. Doing so can help you avoid electrical problems, fire hazards, high energy bills, and property damage down the road.

Are You Concerned About the Safety of Your Electrical System? Call Our Electricians 

Do you suspect that your tripped circuit breaker is a warning sign of more sinister electrical issues? Then call the team at Neighborhood Electric, today. We can provide a variety of helpful services, including electrical inspections, circuit breaker repair, and wiring replacements. Contact our office for more details or schedule your next appointment.