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How to Tell If a Light Switch Is Bad
How to Tell If a Light Switch Is Bad
February 01, 2023

How to Tell If a Light Switch Is Bad

Light switches are useful when they are working fine but can become annoying when their function becomes unpredictable. But before a light switch goes bad completely, there are several warning signs that when given attention can provide insights into whats about to come.

Some of these signs are obvious while others can be a little more subtle. To tell if you have a bad light switch, below are four things to watch out for.

Flickering Lights

If it takes a moment before lights appear after youve turned on the wall switch, chances are the connections in the switch are failing due to a worn component. When you start experiencing temperamental lights, its time to replace the light switch.

Because flickering lights can arise due to different causes such as a bad light bulb or light fixture, you may want to involve a local electrician for proper diagnosis.

Warm or Hot Light Switch

Its normal for dimmer switches to feel a little warm to the touch after running for a while. Otherwise is usually the case for standard toggle light switches. If your regular light switch feels warm or hot when touched, replace the switch immediately. A heated switch can be caused by a loose wiring or short circuit.

Noise in the Switch

If any odd noise such as buzzing, clicking, or popping sound is coming out of your switch when the light is on, this is a major indication that the switch is about to die and needs replacement. A switch that is working properly doesnt and wont make noise. You may want to use a local electrician to find a good replacement option. To find out how our nearby service professional can help, contact Neighborhood Electric today.

Loose Toggle

If the switch toggle lever wobbles or behaves differently, then the switch mechanism is worn and should be replaced. You could also notice that the lever is becoming stiffer than usual. If the toggle lever doesnt feel right to the grip, replace the switch before it disappoints you.

Should You Replace a Bad Light Switch Yourself?

Even after youve established that your light switch needs to be replaced, dont go the DIY route of buying and replacing the light yourself. You dont want to buy and install a switch rated for 15 amps on a 20-amp circuit just because you are unaware.

Light switch installation involves electricity and can be a little bit tricky.

Let Neighborhood Electric Replace Your Bad Light Switches

At Neighborhood Electric, we have qualified electricians who have years of experience installing and replacing light switches. Whether your light switch makes a pop sound, feels hot to the touch, or acts weirdly in other ways, let one of our local professionals help you diagnose and resolve the problem.

If you want to upgrade your light switches or have some electrical installations done, our service professionals can help too. Contact Neighborhood Electric today to find out what our licensed, insured, and bonded electrician can do for you.