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Electric Vehicle Charger Installation in Islip
Electric Vehicle Charger Installation in Islip
February 01, 2023

Electric Vehicle Charger Installation in Islip

At Neighborhood Electric, we understand it may take hours to get your electric vehicle charged at a public charging station. So, we are proud to offer fast and professional Islip EV charging station installation for both residential property.

Whether you are planning to purchase a new electric vehicle and wondering about getting a consistent charge or you just want to upgrade your charging station to a more energy-efficient unit, the experts at Neighborhood Electric in Islip are ready to help.

Contact our friendly Islip staff now to learn about our residential EV charger installation services in your area.

Benefits of Residential Electric Vehicle Charger Installation

Directly plugging in your electric vehicle into a regular power outlet will consume more energy and takes longer for the vehicle to get charged. Power surges from a standard electrical outlet or overheating problems can also wreak havoc on your automobiles battery. EV charging stations are designed to control power flow and deliver more power than a single plug without risk of overheating so that both your electrical system and vehicle remain safe.

Besides, without having to wait for hours at a service station, an EV charging station offers the luxury of charging your vehicle from the comfort of your home or business.

EV Charger Station Installers in Islip, NY

Let Our Qualified Electrician Handle Your EVSE Charger Installation

EV charging stations arent created equal. Some require plugging the charger of your car directly to a power outlet while others need custom installation. To avoid costly mistakes that could damage your car or electrical system, the training and experience of a certified electrician are always required.

The pros also make use of special tools and equipment to get the job done right. When you invest in the service of a certified and experienced EVSE charger installer from Neighborhood Electric, rest assured your residential EV charging terminal will be free from errors that stem from rookie installation.

Neighborhood Electric Can Also Help With EV Charging Station Replacement and Repairs

Did you want to upgrade your current charging terminal to a one that charges faster? Or have you noticed some changes in how long it takes your EV charging station to get your car fully charged? If youre having issues with your EV charging station, reach out to Neighborhood Electric for expert and immediate help. Our local experts in Islip can inspect, diagnose, and fix any problems.

Find out more about how our certified electricians can use their tools, skills, and experience to handle your EV charging station repairs or replacement.

Contact Us Now For All Your EV Charging Needs

Are you still looking online for EV charging station installers in Islip? At Neighborhood Electric, we make use of certified electricians who have hands-on experience installing residential EV charging stations. Instead of you continuously searching for electric vehicle charger installers near me on the internet, get in touch with Neighborhood Electric.

Our knowledgeable and friendly staff will send a nearby installer to your Islip location for your EV charger installation, repair, or replacement job. If you also want to learn more about our other electric services, give us a call today.