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How to Read Your Electric Meter
How to Read Your Electric Meter
February 01, 2023

How to Read Your Electric Meter

Understanding how to read electric meter can help you check for discrepancies in your electric bill. There are four main types of meters, these are digital, electronic, traditional and smart meters, it is important to know the type you have and use the following guide to learn to read it;

How to Read Digital and Electronic Meter

There are series of numbers on the digital electric meter, simply copy these numbers except those surrounded in red boxes, and you must copy the second row of numbers the same way because two rows of number indicate day and night rates.

To read an electronic meter, you will have to press the Display button on the electronic meter in order to view your reading. Simply copy those numbers from left to right, except those numbers in red background. You must copy second-row numbers in the same way. If you are unsure of these steps, please contact us at Neighborhood Electric.

How to Read Your Smart Meter

Smart meters can be some of the most confusing meters to read, but if it comes with a keypad, you can press 9 to access your readings. Once the reading comes up, you will see an abbreviation IMP KWH and these are followed by 8 numbers that end with kwh at the end of the screen, and this will be your reading. If there are day and night readings on your meter, then you will have to hold down the number 6 on the keypad to see IMPR01 and followed by 8 numbers that indicate your night reading. If you press and hold 6 again on your keypad, you will see IMPRO2 followed by 8 numbers and that will be your day reading.

How to Read Dial Electric Meter

Dial electric meters can also be a little tricky to read. Each dial on this meter will turn to the opposite direction of the one that comes before it and there are numbers listed from 0 to 9. Make sure you read dials from left to right and if there are an arrow in-between two numbers, simply use the lower number. If for instance, the arrow is between 9 and 0, simply use the 9 and then subtract 1 from the previous number and ignore that last dial on your right.

Estimating Your Electric Bill from Meter Reading

Once you have recorded the readings on your electric meter, you should find and locate your electric bill from the previous month. Your meter wouldnt reset to the 0 mark hence you have to subtract the previous total from your current reading. The result you get from this subtraction will be your total kWh usage for the current month. Simply multiply your final answer by the amount the electric company charges per kilowatt-hour, then add any usually fixed fees and the total should be your close estimate for your current bill.

If you are unsure about how to read your meter and workout your actual electric bill, please give us a call at Neighborhood Electric and we will assist you.