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Why Do My Electronics Feel Hot?
Why Do My Electronics Feel Hot?
February 01, 2023

Why Do My Electronics Feel Hot?

A household relies on various electrical appliances for different reasons, from entertainment to cleaning. However, the constant use of these devices causes them to overheat, which is a sign that you need to hire a skilled electrician for a comprehensive, professional electrical inspection and repair. While it’s normal for your devices to generate some heat, it can compromise efficiency and performance when the temperatures become too extreme. Neighborhood Electric has a trained and experienced team ready to help you maintain a safe and functional electrical system.

The first step is identifying what is causing your electronics to overheat. Different devices require a certain amount of electricity, which determines the heat emanating from them. In addition, electronics that work harder tend to require more electricity. The energy from your electronics becomes heat and gradually increases with use until it is too hot.

Hot Power Outlets

Power outlets behave similar to the electronics in your home and can overheat depending on the circumstance. When you detect a particular outlet is overheating, it is a sign that you should be on board a professional for electrical inspection and maintenance. This is usually an indication of faulty or damaged wiring, which an electrician can fix before it becomes more pronounced.

While power strips and extension cords make it convenient for people to connect multiple devices, it puts you at risk of overheating your outlets. A common cause of hot power outlets is overloading, which also compromises the safety of your loved ones and property. We recommend connecting a few devices in one outlet to minimize the risk of electrocution or, worse, a fire.

Appliances that require a lot of energy should be plugged into a different outlet from the rest since it poses a safety hazard. Here are some of the ways the professionals recommend at Neighborhood Electric to prevent overheating and damage.

Keep Your Device Clean

Most high-performance devices like televisions and computers have built-in vents used to cool devices. It can push your devices to work harder than usual, resulting in higher energy consumption and more heat production. These vents also create a path for dust and debris to accumulate, compromising the effectiveness of the devices. If you lack the expertise and equipment to conduct cleaning yourself, you should hire an electrician for routine maintenance.

Avoid Stacking Your Electronics

An electrical device must produce heat, but that doesn’t mean it has to share it with others. Putting connected devices on top of each other limits their ability to cool efficiently and increases the risk of a malfunction due to overheating. Safely spread your electronics to enhance the safety in your home and the durability of your devices.

Use a Surge Protector

Power surges are considered the leading causes of electrocutions and damage to connected devices. Installing a surge protector prevents this by tripping your breakers when electricity increases. At Neighborhood Electric, we provide top-notch whole-home surge protectors guaranteed to protect your home for years to come. Contact us today and schedule an appointment with our professional electrician.