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Why Are the Lights Flickering?
Why Are the Lights Flickering?
February 01, 2023

Why Are the Lights Flickering?

Flickering lights are not some of the electrical problems that may go unnoticed. Flickering lights can be annoying especially when you fail to identify the cause. Flickering lights can be a symptom of a potentially dangerous underlying issues, please contact Neighborhood Electric for a permanent solution.

Begin troubleshooting with the bulb

When the bulb is slightly off its connection, it could result in flickering light. You can unscrew the bulb and then screw it back and the issue may be fixed. You may want to consider switching from CFL to LED bulbs because LEDs are more energy efficient and rarely flickers.

In some cases, flickering may be as a result of a faulty bulb that is gradually burning out. In this case, replacing the old with a new bulb may fix the problem. If dimmer switch is responsible for flickering, it means you are not using a compatible bulb with it. You need to keep in mind that not all bulbs are dimmable and incompatible bulbs will always flicker.

Other causes of flickering light

If changing the bulb does not end the flickering of light then you may consider checking the wall outlet, light fixture or the light switch. When wiring is the reason for flickering then you should investigate the light switch in the ceiling or wall. If you notice arcing electricity or cracking sound when you touch the switch, then the light switch may be due for replacement.

You may want to investigate an electrical outlet by running a lamp and a switch on another outlet, and if there are no flickering lights, then the initial switch has a problem. If the problem is neither generated from the switch or outlet, then the wiring of the light fixture itself may be at fault. Neighborhood Electric offer cost-friendly repair and replacement solutions to light fixtures or the switches and wall outlets.

Dealing with power surges as the main cause of light flickering

A power surge in the electrical system of your home may cause lights to flicker, and the surge doesnt have to come from lighting strike, it may occur from large appliances within your home. A simple step such as the adjustment of an appliance thermostat while watching the light at the exact moment can help you determine if the appliance is responsible for the light flickering.

The cumulative damages from surges can cause long term damages to appliances and increase risks of fire accidents. If power surges from appliances does not cause flickering, then you need to investigate the cause of uneven voltage fluctuations. Fluctuating voltages must be handled by professional electricians to avoid serious fire accidents in homes or offices.

All electrical bulbs will malfunction at some point but paying attention to the causes of light flickering in functional bulbs is important. If you need a comprehensive troubleshoot and fixing of all causes of light flickering in your home or commercial premise, please contact Neighborhood Electric and we will be right there to save the day.