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What to Do in Power Outage Emergencies?
What to Do in Power Outage Emergencies?
February 01, 2023

What to Do in Power Outage Emergencies?

We rely on electricity almost every second of the day. Thats why we can feel lost when a power outage occurs. Though power outages are not very frequent, they are frightening when they do happen. Whether the lights go out for a second or for a longer period of time, it helps to prepare beforehand. Your friends at Neighborhood Electric are here to help with some tips on dealing with power outages. If you ever need to hire a qualified electrician, just grab the phone and call Neighborhood Electric to schedule an appointment or arrange an emergency dispatch.

Check the Electrical Panel

If there is no storm in the area and your power goes up unexpectedly, then there might be a chance a fuse has blown or a circuit breaker has tripped. Head over to your electrical panel to check. If flipping the circuit breaker on does not help and if your neighbors do have electricity, then call your utility company to inquire and/or Neighborhood Electric to hire a qualified electrician.

Have Lights and Candles Ready

A power outage during the night time is especially frightening and inconvenient because it takes away your ability to see. For this reason, you should have a reliable stock of candles, flashlights, batteries, lanterns, and solar powered lights. Though these sources of lighting may sound inconvenient, they will feel like blessings when the lights actually go out.

Consider A Generator

If your source of income depends on electricity or if you simply do not want to experience the power outage for long, then consider investing in a generator. There are many types and sizes of generators on the market today, including stand-by generators and portable generators. The folks at Neighborhood Electric have plenty of experience installing and repairing generators, so feel free to call and ask about our services. These are especially recommended in storm prone areas and for businesses that rely on electricity.

Gas or Solar Water Heater

If you want to continue enjoying the luxuries of modern life, then prepare accordingly. Gas or solar powered water heaters will allow you to take hot showers and wash your dishes or laundry even when the electricity is out. This might not be tempting when power goes out only for a few hours, but if you live in a storm prone area where outages last for days, then this is a viable investment.

Stock Up on Water

When considering a power outage in the context of a storm, water becomes the most important. Always keep a supply of bottled water in your emergency stockpile. We recommend you stock up on enough water to last about a week, especially more if you live in a storm prone area.

Call Neighborhood Electric

Whether you want to install a generator or gas-powered water heater, or whether you want a experienced electrician to inspect your electrical system, the folks at Neighborhood Electric are the ones to call. Give us a call any time to speak with a live representative. We are ready when you are.