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What to Do About Tripping Circuit Breaker?
What to Do About Tripping Circuit Breaker?
February 01, 2023

What to Do About Tripping Circuit Breaker?

You may have to contend with tripping circuit breaker when you rely on old and dysfunctional fuse box but solving the issue is quite simple when you take some steps or contact Neighborhood Electric for professional handling.

Steps to Take When Circuit Breaker Trips

When your circuit becomes overloaded by a stressed electrical outlet or lightning strike, the circuit breaker will be automatically switched off. You can fix this issue by turning off all the appliances and lights that have been affected by the electrical surge. You can unplug appliances that cannot be switched off manually. You want to put off all appliances affected before resetting the circuit breaker to prevent further damage.

Locate your circuit box and then check the breakers that are in Off position. Most circuit breakers will indicate red or orange when they are in Off position. The last step is to flip the breaker on again before tuning those appliances your turn off in step 1. If the circuit breaker is still tripping then you should contact the professional electricians at Neighborhood Electric.

Tripping Circuit Breaker May Indicate a Bigger Electrical Problem

Wear on a tear on a circuit breaker may cause constant tripping, which means the device requires a replacement.

A short circuit is the number one reason for repeated tripping caused by wear and tear. A short circuit occurs when a hot wire in the circuit is repeatedly touching the neutral wire inside the electrical outlet and that causes an overload of current to pass through the circuit and creating excess heat. The circuit breaker will automatically shut off in order to prevent a fire accident.

An overloaded circuit is another major reason why circuit breakers trip off, constantly. This is quite a simple issue to deal with in most cases. If your circuit cant handle the amps that are coming through the circuit, then the breaker will flip and that may start a fire or even damage an appliance when it becomes too rampant.

A ground fault may not be as common as other reasons for circuit tripping, but it needs to be rectified too. When there is constant touching of a hot wire with the bare ground wire inside the metal box where they are contained, it will trigger a wide range of reaction that forces more electricity through the circuit than what it can hold. This situation causes constant tripping of the circuit breaker. If this situation gets out of control, then an outlet may be burnt when there is a ground fault surge.

Neighborhood Electric Offers 100% Reliable and Guaranteed Circuit Breaker Repair, and Replacement

If your circuit breaker continues to trip, your expensive home and business appliances may be damaged and your property may be at high risk of fire accidents. You dont have to wait until the situation gets out of control before contacting certified electricians. Contact us at Neighborhood Electric right now and we will be right there to rectify the underlying cause of tripping circuit breakers in your home or office.