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Ways to Prevent Home Electrical Fires
Ways to Prevent Home Electrical Fires
February 01, 2023

Ways to Prevent Home Electrical Fires

Nassau & Suffolk County, NY records a sizeable amount of electrical fires each year but with some few tips and ideas, it is possible to prevent or reduce such risks. Contacting Neighborhood Electric perhaps could be one of the best possible ways of preventing home electrical fires this season.

Examine your electrical outlets

Perhaps the most important step to take to prevent fire accidents in homes and offices is to check the types and risks of electrical outlets you have because ungrounded outlets may cause sparks that could lead to fire accidents. If you use two-pronged outlets, they are generally considered unsafe, you may want to contact a professional electrician to upgrade such outlets.

Inspect the wiring

Faulty wiring has been discovered to be the main cause of many household electrical accidents. Most Wirings are behind the walls; hence they can be hard to check. Faulty wiring is more rampant in homes older than 20 years. You should know your electrical wiring can trigger electrical fires if there are regular outages and electrical surges, or excessive heat generation when using certain appliances. You need to consider contacting a professional technician if you notice that an outlet sparks or cause electrical shocks frequently, or when your circuit breakers become overloaded frequently. Neighborhood Electric will ensure that these problems are troubleshooted and fixed at a budget-friendly cost.

Avoid exceeding the wattage limit in light fixtures

One of the areas often neglected by homeowners is the wattage recommendation for light fixtures. If a light socket, for instance, comes with 60 watts maximum, you must not use a light fixture of over 60 watts on it. Scorching heat may develop when you use a light fixture of higher wattage rating and that may cause the socket to melt, while the internal wires become damaged excessively. Melting wires can trigger electrical fires at any moment, putting lives and properties at risk.

Be aware of your electrical cords

Making use of electrical cords appropriately can help prevent electrical fires. If you must use an extension cord, then use it as a temporary solution. Avoid running electrical cords under sensitive materials such as the carpet, and make sure all worn out cords are replaced as soon as possible. Make sure all faulty appliances are also replaced and install dedicated circuits for heavy appliances such as heaters to prevent frequent tripping of the circuit and to reduce electrical fire accidents.

Neighborhood Electric offers reliable and long-lasting electrical assessment and repairs in homes

It is important that you stop fire accidents before they occur, this is the reason why you need to conduct electrical system audit or inspection at least once every 6 months. Neighborhood Electric offers electrical fire accident risk inspections and the repair, replacement, and installation of necessary electrical components that will eliminate the risks of such fires. We offer 24-hour emergency electrical repair services with warranties on components and our services. Please give us today anywhere you are in Nassau & Suffolk County, NY and we will be right there to help you out.