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Tips to Prevent Electrical Shocks
Tips to Prevent Electrical Shocks
February 01, 2023

Tips to Prevent Electrical Shocks

Electricity plays a pivotal role in our homes and businesses. We use it for lighting, operating appliances and electronics, and much more. While electricity is an important part of our daily lives, it comes with many risks, including electrical shocks. Damaged electrical cords, faulty wiring, faulty appliances, and downed power lines are some of the common causes of electrical shocks. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to prevent electrical shocks.

Here’s what you can do to prevent electrical shocks:

Install GFCI Outlets

A ground fault circuit interrupter automatically shuts off power when an electrical fault is detected. Alternatively, you can use a GFCI-protected extension cord. When you’re ready to install GFCI outlets in your home or business, call Neighborhood Electric to get the job done.   

Keep Appliances Away from Water

You should never use electric appliances near a water source. Although it’s nearly impossible to avoid appliances in the kitchen, it’s important to keep working areas dry to avoid electrical shocks.

Keep Wet Hands Away from Outlets

One of the most common causes of electrical shocks is plugging in or unplugging electrical appliances and electronics with wet hands. Water increases the risk of electrocution, so you should never use electrical devices if you're wet. Always handle cords, plugs, and electrical appliances with dry hands.

Use Insulated Tools

There are a few electrical tasks you can do yourself, such as replacing switches. Always use insulated tools when performing those simple electrical tasks. These tools will protect you against electrical shocks in the event of an accidental connection. You should also be careful when drilling walls because there's a chance that electrical wires could be behind the drywall.

Always Turn Electric Appliances Off Before Unplugging Them

Do not unplug appliances under load because the electricity flowing from the circuit into the appliance can arc and cause electrical shock. Electrical arcing happens when electrical current jumps a gap in a circuit, as a result of electrical breakdown. Always turn off electric appliances before unplugging them.       

Hire an Experienced Electrician to Inspect Your Electrical System Regularly

Routine electrical inspection allows you to detect faults that are likely to cause electrical shocks. Issues such as faulty wiring, damaged cords, and other causes of electrical shocks can be detected early enough to prevent electrical shock and electrical fire hazards. Ideally, you should have your electrical system inspected every 2 to 3 years or when it’s necessary. At Neighborhood Electric, we can help with electrical system inspection and maintenance.

Call Neighborhood Electric for All of Your Electrical Needs

Electrical shocks can cause serious injuries or death under certain circumstances. In the U.S, there are about 1000 deaths per year caused by electrical shocks. That's why it's important to inspect your electrical system from time to time and ensure you install safety equipment that will help to prevent electrical shocks.

If you need help with electrical system inspection or installation of safety equipment, call Neighborhood Electric. We provide a wide range of electrical services.

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