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Electrical Upgrades to Improve Home Office Productivity
Electrical Upgrades to Improve Home Office Productivity
February 01, 2023

Electrical Upgrades to Improve Home Office Productivity

The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted lives across the world. People were forced to work from home. Whereas the trend of having a home office was picking pace, the pandemic accelerated the process. Though companies were forced to adapt the work-from-home (WFH) concept against their wishes, the virus showed that it is something that actually works. It is not surprising that many companies are planning to adapt work-from-home wholly or have a slightly modified version once employees are able to access offices. It is therefore a good and timely idea to improve your home office. You might be tempted to think that your current setup is fine. However, with time you will realise that your productivity is low and you are often uncomfortable and tired. There are various improvements you can make to enhance your home office experience and a good starting point would be simple electrical upgrades.

Upgrade the Lighting

Lighting is likely to come last or even miss in your list of reasons for low productivity. Dim lighting causes eye strain leading to headaches, fatigue, and loss of concentration. Having in place the appropriate lighting in the home office is vital. Elements like task lighting, overhead lighting, and ambient lighting should be addressed. Once you sort out the lighting, you will realise better visuals for online meetings and increased productivity.

Dedicated Circuit

Most home wiring, especially in old houses, does not take into consideration a home office. As a result, the circuit is likely to be overloaded when multiple devices are plugged. This can cause disruptions to your work. To prevent such interruptions, it would be proper to install a dedicated circuit for the home office.

Hard-Wired Connection

A critical aspect of working-from-home model is access to high-speed internet. The connection is necessary to allow quick retrieval and uploading of any office data you need or have. The numerous online meetings with video link take up a lot of bandwidth. At the same time other people in your house will also be using the internet.  If you happen to share the same Wi-Fi as the rest of the house, chances are that the network will slow down, thus disrupting you. The solution to this problem is pretty straightforward, put in place a hard-wired connection for your home office.

Do You Wish to Make Electrical Upgrades to Your Home Office?

As companies embrace the work-from-home approach, there is plenty of reason to improve your home office. Enhancing your productivity will have a positive impact beyond your work. You will have more time to spend on your hobbies and with family. The company is also less likely to ask you to go back to the office premises if you are just as productive, if not more, from home. It is thus very important to do make the necessary electrical upgrades. At Neighborhood Electric, we have trained and trustworthy electricians who will advise you on what needs to be done and how to go about it.  Call us today and you will soon be enjoying working from home.