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Thermal Imaging Camera for Electrical Problems
Thermal Imaging Camera for Electrical Problems
February 01, 2023

Thermal Imaging Camera for Electrical Problems

Thermal imaging cameras are used to detect different temperatures within electrical circuits. By using thermal imaging cameras to inspect electrical wiring, an electrician such as Neighborhood Electric can easily spot areas that are unbalanced or overloaded with electricity. Both of these issues can be caused by many different aspects such as issues with power delivery, low voltage, or insulation resistance issues within a circuit.

The smallest of unbalance can cause electrical connections to deteriorate and cause issues with voltage, so if you are dealing with any kind of electrical issues but you can’t seem to figure out why, you may need help from the team at Neighborhood Electric! We offer thermal imaging services for electrical inspection so you and your family never have to worry about any dangers in your home. Dealing with electrical issues is never fun, that’s why we don’t let you deal with them!

Are you new to the concept of using thermal imaging services for electrical inspections and you want to learn more about what thermal imaging cameras are used for? Keep reading!

What Are Thermal Imaging Cameras Used To Look For?

When it comes to the electrical circuits in your home, you want everything to be balanced and equal. When you have a situation where your electrical load is unbalanced, the area will appear warmer when shot with a thermal imaging camera. The heavier loads in your circuits will be much warmer, which the thermal imaging camera will pick up on. A bad connection can also cause these unbalanced loads, but a thermal imaging camera will be able to measure it and determine exactly where your issue is.

In any kind of electrical wiring, heat is produced when there is electrical current flowing through it and connecting with electrical resistance. If this occurs within your wires, when Neighborhood Electric performs thermal imaging services for electrical inspection, they will pick up on these hot spots and be able to find ways to fix them. The point of contact for the heat may be too small to see without a thermal imaging camera, which is why these kinds of tools are being more frequently used in electrical inspections.

Here at Neighborhood Electric, we use thermal imaging services for electrical inspection as an extra layer of protection for you, your family, and your home. Sometimes these cameras catch things that the human eye can’t, making our services even more reliable. We use these cameras and save every picture we capture so we can continue to compare your electrical circuits every time we perform an inspection – it’s our way of ensuring total safety for you and your family!

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