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Reducing Your Electrical Consumption
Reducing Your Electrical Consumption
February 01, 2023

Reducing Your Electrical Consumption

Is your electrical bill extremely high each month and you’re wondering if there is a way to reduce it? Neighborhood Electric is here to save your day (and your wallet)! Our team has worked in our field for many years, and we’ve learned a thing or two throughout our time when it comes to reducing your electrical consumption. So if you’re trying to reduce the amount of money you spend on electricity each month, keep reading!

Electrical bills are every homeowner’s most common concern – did you really use that much electricity this month? Are there easy ways to use less electricity each month? The team at Neighborhood Electric has found many ways over the years to help you reduce your electrical consumption, and here’s what we found has been proven to work…

4 Tips for Reducing Your Electrical Consumption

  • Energy Star rating

Before you buy any kind of electrical appliance for your home, make sure you know what its Energy Star rating is. This is important if you are replacing electrical appliances that used to consume so much energy – like your old fridge or air conditioning unit. When it comes to understanding the Energy Star rating system, the high the rating, the better your savings are going to be. You’ll want to choose appliances with a high Energy Star rating, and the savings you will see each month will be just as high!

  • Dimmer switches

The biggest piece of advice the team at Neighborhood Electric can give you is to switch all of your switches to dimmer switches or install dimmer switches. If your home doesn’t get much natural light, you’ll be using your lighting fixtures much more often. This can lead to spending hundreds of dollars each month. Dimmer switches allow you to control how much light you use in a given day and how much energy your light bulbs use every time you turn them on. This is a great option if you are looking to save each month.

  • Timers

Did you know that most new air conditioners come with a timer function? If yours has one, use it! Set your timer to shut off when it reaches a certain temperature or time – your room will always be nice and cool, while your pockets will be much happier with all the money you will save.

  • Use cold water

Believe it or not, washing your clothes with cold water can save you so much money each month. Why is this? Since your water doesn’t need to run through your water heater to get warmed, you will be saving so much in energy consumption by using only cold water. It may seem like a small change, but the savings will be huge!

Are you looking to reduce your electrical consumption each month? Are you hoping to save a couple of dollars each month and you need advice from a qualified electrician on how to reduce your electrical consumption? Lucky for you, Neighborhood Electric is more than happy to help! Call our office today to start saving!