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Smart Home Innovations
Smart Home Innovations
February 01, 2023

Smart Home Innovations

Smart home innovations are like smartphones, they come in different shapes, designs, models as well as have several functionalities. There are also updates and upgrades rolling out all the time. These similarities arent a surprise because mobile phones are also smart inventions. Discussed below are some smart devices and gadgets that you can even feature in your abode.

Smart Gadgets

Smart speakers for example feature functionalities such as voice control to serve their capabilities. You can play your favorite music, even use them to run other appliances without moving your feet. Its even projected that future speakers would be used to control smart furniture.

Other futuristic home products include smart sprinkler systems, home alarm and sensors as well as appliance and outlet control systems. Smart sockets systems for example lets you monitor your devices power usage and give you remote control through your smartphone over Bluetooth (or WiFi in many cases). Isnt that smart? The fact that these sockets integrate with popular smart home platforms like Samsung SmartThings and Apple HomeKit makes them even clever.

Smart Fridges

Some smart fridge innovations can take the photograph of items inside them whenever you open the door and send the image to your smartphone. This lets you know when to restock those groceries or milk. Some of these ambitious products even use object recognition to track item expiry dates and help assemble shopping lists for polished off items.

Refrigerators that can give notification when youre running low on milk are already out there. In the future, we expect smart fridges that let you know when those blueberries bought a few days ago are about to rot.

Smart Bed

Although innovations such as smartwatch are already helping with sleep quality, smart beds are changing the game of sleep monitoring. Sleep Number 360 for example is one smart bed that allows you to adjust the firmness of each side of the bed and pre warms the bed before you get in.

And see where it gets more interesting. The smart bed senses your shifting patterns, tracks your sleep habits, and deliver your SleepIQ to your smartphone every day. The system does get cleverer by sending personalized suggestions on how you can get better sleep.

In the future, smart sleeping systems are predicted to feature smart alarm clock diffusers that will wake you up to your favorite essential oil, while some present products are already getting close.

Futuristic Face Mirrors

Smart connected mirrors like HiMirror Mini is specifically designed for your face. It warns about fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles, and other noticeable changes in skin texture. This smart mirror even suggests skincare routine and products for achieving beautiful looks. Furthermore, by logging the date you start using a new skincare product, the mirror tracks and notifies when the skincare product gets past its best before date.

Need Amazing Smart Home Innovations? Contact Neighborhood Electric

Though it is beyond the scope of this article to dissect all smart home innovations out there, expert electricians at Neighborhood Electric can help discover smart home products that are just perfect for you. Often, the addition of these futuristic gadgets requires updates to your electrical system.

So dont hesitate to contact us for the necessary updates that will allow you to enjoy these benefits. And if you also need repairs or have questions or concerns about your existing smart home, we are ready to provide expert assistance. Contact the professionals at Neighborhood Electric today for help and youll never be disappointed.