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Malfunctioning Appliances Can Cause Electrical Damage
Malfunctioning Appliances Can Cause Electrical Damage
February 01, 2023

Malfunctioning Appliances Can Cause Electrical Damage

We may not actively think about it, but an average home contains at least half a dozen electrical appliances that pose a significant risk to our property and lives. Like all else in life, electrical appliances have a limited lifespan no matter how well-maintained they are. In fact, they gradually wear and tear with time until the whole is no longer greater than the sum of its parts and what used to be your refrigerator becomes a functionless metal container.

It is important to be proactive when your appliance begins to show signs of trouble because, with electrical appliances, the damage can be worse than you may expect. Viewing each electrical appliance as an independent unit is wrong. Electrical appliances are connected to your electrical system as a whole. A fault in your dishwasher can easily damage your refrigerator and, in some circumstances, prove to be a risk to your whole property.

Neighborhood Electric is your neighborly electrical contractor and is dedicated to educating the public on proper electrical management. To this end, Neighborhood Electric brings to you this article on the dangers that a malfunctioning appliance can pose. Call Neighborhood Electric if you have any specific questions or concerns we would love to help!

Tripped Circuit Breakers

Fortunately, properly installed electrical systems include circuit breakers which should trip in the case of hazardous bursts of electricity sent by a faulty appliance. However, many people do not understand how these circuit breakers work. Rushing to flip the breaker down might be a quick fix but can be disastrous in the long run.

Malfunctioning appliances can send an electrical surge through your wiring. With every flip of the breaker down, you are opening the door for another surge to run through your wiring. Repeated pressure on your wires can certainly lead to a short circuit and other harm to your electrical system.

Surge Damage

Surges sent by your electrical appliances are common. Appliances like refrigerators sometimes use an excess of energy when initially switched on. As mentioned earlier, this can wear away at your electrical wiring. These surges can also find their way to other appliances on a shared circuit. Faulty appliances can be much more dangerous, sending large surges to these connected appliances. Needless to say, the damage to these other appliances can be irreparable.

Physical Damage

Electricity travels fast. A faulty electrical appliance can cause your electrical circuit to go haywire, sending shocks through objects and material that easily conduct electricity like water and metals. If you see melted plastic or scorch marks around your appliances, it is important that you call an electrician in Babylon. Melted plastic and scorch marks are telltale signs of stray electricity.

Fire Damage

It is a worst-case scenario, but a scenario lived too often: stray electricity catching flammable material on fire. Malfunctioning appliances may send substantial surges that instantly or cumulatively damage electrical wiring. An electrical short can cause a fire at the least expected moment. Please be sure to have your electrical system inspected frequently to prevent such catastrophic damage.

If you are worried about malfunctioning appliances in your home or your electrical wiring, call Neighborhood Electric, home of your local, licensed, and insured electricians.