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Electrical Inspection in Mastic
Electrical Inspection in Mastic
February 01, 2023

Electrical Inspection in Mastic

Who knows what is going on in the electrical circuits in your walls and under your propertys foundation? Electrical wiring is not impermeable after all. In fact, there is a variety of risks to your electrical circuits from rodents gnawing on wiring to electrical appliances sending damaging surges through the wiring. These risks can cause damage to the electrical wiring, other appliances, and your property altogether.

Sure, we all know that there is a problem once the damage is done, but what can be done to prevent such disasters in the first place? An electrical inspection is a great way to start. It is advised that you have your house or business electrically inspected regularly, but the frequency depends on some factors such as the age of the property and the wiring material used. A good rule of thumb is to have your property inspected once every 5 years.

Specifically, however, there are some events that will call for an electrical inspection. The following are some of such events.

Buying and Selling A Home

One of the most common times to order an electrical inspection is when buying or selling a home. As one of the primary systems of a home, the electrical system should be inspected to assure the homes energy functionality and overall safety. It is absolutely important to understand whether repairs are to be made before finalizing the sale transaction especially considering the magnitude of the sale; a home sale is most peoples largest business transaction and should be done with care and diligence. Call Neighborhood Electric in Mastic to have a licensed and insured electrical inspector provide a thorough electrical inspection so you can rest your nerves during this lifechanging transaction. Its better late than never so, whether you are uneasy with the electrical inspection completed before the homebuying or you could not have one done for whatever reason, call Neighborhood Electric to get a post-purchase inspection.

Homeowners Insurance

Your homeowners insurance provider knows that the electrical system of a house is one of its primary safety systems. As a central part of the foundation of a home, the electrical system is key in maintaining the value of that home. In fact, many contracts with homeowners insurance providers require the homeowner to have electrical inspections periodically in order to safeguard the home from home-value loss or, worse, disaster in the form of electrical discharge.

Storm or Natural Damage

If your home has sustained significant damage due to some sort of natural disaster, its safe to say that the homes electrical system has as well. The effects may be severe in the long run even if that damage to the electrical system is not apparent. It is crucial to have electrical inspections complete after natural disasters in order to prevent unnatural ones. Give us a call at Neighborhood Electric so we can ensure your home is back to the warmth and safety you seek.

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