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Light Switch Makes a Crackling Sound When Turned On
Light Switch Makes a Crackling Sound When Turned On
February 01, 2023

Light Switch Makes a Crackling Sound When Turned On

If your light switch keeps making a crackling, popping, snapping, or other odd sounds, chances are the switch is faulty or bad. When you flip a light switch, its two terminals get connected and current flows through to the light. By turning off the switch, the flow is interrupted.

With everyday use, however, components within a light switch can malfunction or wear down. Turning the switch off and on always can also cause a loosen connection between the terminals. As a result, the electric current might attempt to jump gaps, leading to arcing that causes the crackling sound. Loose wiring and older electrical installations can also cause arcing. If a switch keeps making a crackling sound or a loud pop when turned on, the step-by-step instructions below can help fix the problem.

Before getting into the steps, make sure to use a service professional if you are not comfortable with electrical work. For a local qualified electrician, contact Neighborhood Electric. Now, here is how to troubleshoot the crackling sounds.

How to Troubleshoot and Replace Bad Light Switch

  • First, shut off the breaker that supplies power to the circuit.
  • Remove the faceplate and unscrew the switch.
  • Use a multi-meter or non-contact tester to confirm power is off.
  • Take pictures of the existing wiring setup. This will come handy if youll be required to install a new switch.
  • Examine the screws along the sides of the switch. In case of a loose connection, use a screwdriver to fasten the screws to the circuit wires.
  • If everything seems tightened up, visually inspect for signs of charred metal or melted insulation. If the switch is damaged, remove it, and install a new one in the same spots, using the pictures taken earlier as a guideline.

If you arent familiar with this type of task or the wiring seems complicated, then use a service professional to complete the replacement. Expert assistance will help avoid electric shock and potential fire that may occur from a rookie job.

Also note that its best to transition to a more reliable brand, although switches are cheap to replace. For expert recommendations, contact our competent and experienced electricians. Well be more than happy to assist.

Need Expert Electrician? Contact Neighborhood Electric

Though DIY electrical works such as switch replacement may save you a few bucks, investing in a qualified and experienced electrician however will ensure precision and reliable work. To avoid potential fire and make sure you and your family get the peace of mind needed, always use professional assistance.

Instead of struggling with defective light switches, contact Neighborhood Electric right away for immediate help. Our wide range of electrical services includes wiring inspection, installation, and replacement as well as upgrades of home electrical components. For emergency service or to discover how one of our local electricians can put your residential or commercial electrical system under control, contact Neighborhood Electric today. Youll never be disappointed.