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Electrical Panel Replacement in Mastic
Electrical Panel Replacement in Mastic
February 01, 2023

Electrical Panel Replacement in Mastic, NY

Mastic residents, homeowners, and businessowners in need of an electrical panel replacement, electrical panel installation, or electrical panel repair can call the professionals at Neighborhood Electric for quality, affordable, and reliable service around-the-clock. We are available at any time of the day with emergency service. Call our office today to speak with a friendly representative and be sure to ask about our promotional offer of 10% off for first-time callers on repairs over $500. Our certified electricians in Mastic and courteous staff are ready to take your call.

The Role of Your Electrical Panel

Electricity is a basic necessity of modern life. As a highly volatile and dangerous element, it must be dealt with carefully. Electrical panels distribute the electricity in your building into separate circuits so that when one circuit has an issue, the other circuits can continue working. An electrical panel consists of many circuit breakers that trip when there is an overload, preventing overheating and potential fires. This is why an electrical panel repair is so important. If you have any questions or concerns about your electrical panel, please call the professionals at Neighborhood Electric today.

When You May Need an Electrical Panel Replacement in Mastic

Electrical panels come in many sizes measured in amperage. Your amperage should be between 100 and 400. Older model homes may have lower amperage. If it is less than 100 amps, then you likely need an electrical panel replacement in Mastic. A Mastic electrical panel replacement can protect your appliances, electrical devices, and even your property from damage that results from electrical overloads.

You may also have a fuse box, which is an older model that achieves the same goal as an electrical panel. Instead of circuit breakers, a fuse box uses fuses that blow out when there is an overload in the circuit. A fuse box upgrade into a circuit breaker installation can save you money in the long run by eliminating the need to constantly replace fuses. Home insurance companies also generally charge more for homes with fuse boxes as opposed to a circuit breaker installation.

Finding A Reliable Electrical Panel Installer in Mastic

An electrical panel installation in Mastic is an important and potentially dangerous project that should be left to the experts. As it is a central part of your electrical system, your electrical panel replacement or electrical panel installation should be complete by a reliable and even certified electrician. Luckily, Mastic residents have access to certified and licensed electricians at Neighborhood Electric. We are your local electricians with years of experience, certified electricians, state-of-the-art equipment, and friendly staff. Ready to get started? Call our local office today.

Why Thousands Choose Neighborhood Electric

Aside from our credentials, there are some reasons why our customers choose us for their electrical panel installation in Mastic. We have competitive and honest prices. You can call us for a free price estimate and rest assured that we never charge overtime fees. All of our workmanship and parts are guaranteed, and we offer regular promotional offers. Explore our website to see what coupons we have available for you or call our office and ask one of our courteous staff members. We look forward to your call.