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How to Install Low-Voltage Outdoor Lighting
How to Install Low-Voltage Outdoor Lighting
February 01, 2023

How to Install Low-Voltage Outdoor Lighting

You can highlight your landscaping features by adding some low voltage lighting. It is safe and easy to install. It is safe and simple to install especially if you contact Neighborhood Electric.

With the help of a transformer, installation of low voltage outdoor lighting will reduce the 120 Volt electrical supply to a mere 12 volts which is safer to work with.

Step by Step Guide to Install Low-Voltage Outdoor Lighting

There are low voltage kits you can find in various sizes and colors and they are easier to work with especially for DIY installations.

Make sure You Protect Yourself During Installation

You dont have to install low-voltage outdoor lighting yourself, you can contact us at Neighborhood Electric to handle it for you and save you time, energy and costs. If you must handle this installation by yourself, you need to ensure there is a GFCI outlet where your transformer will be plugged in.

Similarly, you will need to assemble the lights and attach the stakes. Once the stakes are attached, you need to attach the light bulbs lens and the cover. Lay the wires with the lights but dont attach them yet.

Layout the Lights and Secure the Transformer

Lay the lights where they will be installed and leave the wire atop the ground just in case you will need to make adjustments later.

Gently mount your transformer near the GFCI outlet and install at about a foot above the ground. Get the lead anchor to secure transformer when you are installing it on a brick surface.

Dig the Trench and Connect the Cable

Once you are fine with the placement of light, you can go ahead and dig the trench for your cable. You need to dig shallow trenches and you may have to contact your local utility before you dig any trench. Layout the lines once trenches construction is completed.

Connect the cables by running the wires from the light assembly through the riser base. Attach the lights to the cable and secure with clamps once the light is tapped into the wiring, gently strip the end of the lower voltage power cable before connecting them to the terminals on the transformer. Turn on the power to ensure that the connections are working.

Bury the wire and weatherproof the Outlet for the Transformer

Make some final adjustments to the whole setup by burying the cables and applying some plastic cover to the outdoor outlet in order to protect it from rain, sunshine, and snow. Make sure you program your lighting system by setting up the timer for the hours of the day you want the light to turn on and off. Watch as your lighting transform your landscape especially in the nights.

Neighborhood Electric Offers 100% Reliable Low Voltage lighting for your Landscape

If you are having issues installing your low-voltage lighting, please contact us at Neighborhood Electric and we will be right there to help you. We specialize in different sizes and packages of outdoor low voltage lighting at affordable rates.