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How to Change a Light Bulb
How to Change a Light Bulb
February 01, 2023

How to Change a Light Bulb

Your light bulb will suddenly go out if you dont install it properly. The process of installing a light bulb is now easier than ever if you follow these simple steps below. If you find it difficult to change a light bulb despite following the simple steps below, please contact Neighborhood Electric to request light bulb replacement.

How to Change a Light Bulb The First Few Steps

The first step you must take is to unscrew the light bulb gently, in a counterclockwise motion, then check the size of the bulbs wattage and size before preparing the new light bulb. You may want to contact us for the ideal light bulb is more functional and less susceptible to burning out. If there is an underlying condition causing your bulb to burn out quickly, please give us a call.

Changing Your Light Bulb

Now that you have been able to purchase the ideal bulb it is time to replace the old with the new. Unpack the bulb gently and then turn off the light switch. Place the new bulb into its socket, and with the use of a gentle grip, turn the newly installed bulb in a clockwise motion. Flip on the light switch to test whether the bulb was properly placed. You may want to gently adjust the bulb while the switch is on. If it doesnt turn on then there must be an underlying problem.

Reasons Why Your Bulb May Not Turn on

You might have changed your light bulb correctly and there is nothing wrong with the new bulb. In this case, there may be some issue with the high voltage in your home that makes the bulb glow brighter and then burns out faster. You need a certified electrician to test the voltage in your home and fix the issue causing frequent burnout of bulbs.

Fixture vibration can also cause frequent burnout of bulbs. A ceiling fan with a light fixture, for instance, can lead to a frequent burnout. With the vibration causing jiggling of the filament of the bulb, there will surely be a constant burnout. When a bulb is loose in its socket, it may cause the flickering of the bulb. Sometimes the contact in the center of the socket might have corroded, causing the bulb to flicker frequently. You will have to fix the socket in this case.

Neighborhood Electric Offers Bulb Related Services

Sometimes, your bulb may be in perfect order but issues such as tripped circuit breaker or blown fuse may cause the shortness of the fixture cord. A faulty electrical system may also cause the over-heating of the bulb and frequent burnout. It is important to contact a professional electrician to check out any dysfunctional electrical system causing frequent burnout.

Stop wasting your money replacing bulbs every now and then, contact Neighborhood Electric to inspect and troubleshoot lighting or electrical problems causing your bulbs to burn out quickly. It takes a little time to discover the reason why your bulb is burning out quickly. Give us a call today and let us help you.