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How Can I Stop My Smoke Detector from Beeping?
How Can I Stop My Smoke Detector from Beeping?
February 01, 2023

How Can I Stop My Smoke Detector from Beeping?

Needless to say, smoke detectors save lives and properties from extensive damage. As necessary as they are, they can get quite annoying when they malfunction, keeping you up at night or breaking your focus as it beeps incessantly. If you smoke detector is beeping nonstop, then here are some things to look out for. Luckily, the issue is usually one of these and they are easy to fix. If none of these solutions resolve your issue, then consider calling the professionals at Neighborhood Electric to have an expert take a look. Remember, it is so important for your and your familys safety that you have a working smoke detector.

Check the Battery

Yes, smoke detectors are usually battery powered. Even the ones that are installed directly into your homes electrical circuit generally have a battery installed in case of power outages. When this battery is bad, improperly installed, or if the battery seating is dirty, then you will likely hear the alarm chirp. Worst part? The chirping will not stop until the battery issue is resolved. The good news? Changing the battery and cleaning out the seating is easy!

Reset the Code

Smoke detectors are coded to perform in certain ways and respond to the environment. They have simple processors and memory systems installed which, unfortunately, can malfunction. An error code will usually trigger the alarm to beep. Luckily, this is also easy to resolve. Your smoke detector should have a test button located near the battery. Detach the alarm, remove the battery, and hold down the test button for 20 seconds to reset the smoke detectors error status. If the error returns, then we recommend you call the experts at Neighborhood Electric to make sure there is not a deeper problem.

Clean It Up

As mentioned earlier, smoke detectors are simply designed devices. They are also sensitive to debris and dust that could trigger the smoke alarm. Worse, they can make the smoke detector malfunction and not detect smoke in the first place. If you have a pressurized air can, pull it out and give the sensors a blow to relieve them of dust and debris just as you would with your keyboard. Do this every so often to make sure cobwebs and dust do not accumulate.

Call the Experts to Take A Look

Your smoke detector can potentially save your life and is the first line of defense against devastating fires. It is only right that you take proper care of it and ensure it is in working condition. If the mentioned solutions do not work, then we recommend you call the experts at Neighborhood Electric to take a look and figure out what the problem is. Neighborhood Electric is your neighborly electrician in Medford with years of experience, certified electricians, and state of the art equipment. We are proud to serve our community around the clock with 24/7 emergency service and affordable, honest prices. Call now to speak with a friendly representative and schedule your appointment. Do you have an emergency? We can arrange for an urgent dispatch as soon as possible.