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Home Office Video Conferencing Lighting
Home Office Video Conferencing Lighting
February 01, 2023

Home Office Video Conferencing Lighting

Lighting is a critical aspect of holding a virtual meeting through video conferencing and keeping it running smoothly. The way you set up your lighting elements in a video conference will determine the kind of image youll present. Poor quality lighting will make you look washed out and unprofessional. On the other hand, quality lighting will ensure youre seen clearly, eliminate unwanted shadows, set the right mood for a video conference, and ensure all the important aspects of the video conference are not missed. If youre new to video conferencing, getting your home office video conferencing lighting right can be a challenge. Even choosing reliable lighting fixtures for your home office can be overwhelming.

If you need help with setting up your home office video conferencing lighting, get in touch with an experienced electrician. At Neighborhood Electric, we provide video conferencing lighting solutions to homes and businesses.

Here are some of the home office video conferencing lighting tips to help you get started:

Utilize Natural Light Source

Ensure your workstation sits within a good source of natural light to bring out clear video calls. Natural light helps to fill out shadows and render more realistic colors. Position yourself facing windows to get the most natural light. If the light coming from your windows is too much, be sure to readjust your window blinds to soften the light.

Utilize The Three-Point Lighting Technique

This technique entails using three light sources in your home office, whereby one light source is focused on the subject, and the other two light sources create a balanced effect. However, the type of lighting fixtures you use for your primary and secondary light sources will determine the lighting effect you'll create in your home office. All lighting fixtures are not created the same. So it's a good idea to consult with a qualified electrician when shopping for lighting fixtures for home office video conferencing.

Where You Place Your Lighting Is Key

Overhead lighting can provide sufficient illumination, rendering a crystal clear image for a smooth video call. However, overhead lighting alone is not enough because it can cause some shadows that draw attention away from your face or whatever lies in your cameras vision. Youll need to complement it with desk lamps or pendant lamps. These lamps should be placed above your space to achieve an ideal lighting angle and illuminate what lies in your camera's field of vision. Alternatively, you can mount wall lights around your room to enhance the lighting situation. It's a good idea to enlist the help of an experienced electrician when it comes to choosing desk lamps, pendant lamps, and wall lights. A qualified electrician knows the kind of lighting fixtures that can work well for your home office. Besides, they can install the lighting fixtures correctly.

Need Help With Setting Up Home Office Video Conferencing Lighting? Call Neighborhood Electric

If youre not conversant with home office video conferencing lighting, getting started can be a challenge. Get in touch with Neighborhood Electric for any assistance with home office video conferencing lighting.