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Benefits of a Dedicated Computer Circuit
Benefits of a Dedicated Computer Circuit
February 01, 2023

Benefits of a Dedicated Computer Circuit

Ever experienced the dreaded sudden blinks on your computer? Thats most likely a change in voltage which is a red flag about the electrical connection! Whenever theres a spike or fluctuation in the power supply to your computer, a lot can go wrong in degrees more than just a blink.

A power surge puts your computer operation, data, and even you (the operator) at risk. It might increase the turnaround time to complete a project, makes you redo some unsaved parts, or lose your system to irreparable damages caused by the surge.

Whether you are working from home or in an office, breaks in the power supply to your computer can cost time, effort, and money. To avoid all of these, you need a dedicated computer circuit.

What is a Dedicated Computer Circuit?

It is a circuit designed solely for your computer (desktop or laptops). It has a circuit breaker in the electrical box that allows your computer to draw the required power without overloading or tripping.


Protects your System and Keeps You Connected

A dedicated computer circuit protects the system from power fluctuations and ensures you dont miss out on digital goodies due to power outages. It allows a steady power supply to your computer and keeps you connected. With this, you can work remotely and still retain contact with your clients and employers from all over the world.

Your Computer Can Run Smoothly!

A dedicated circuit separates your computer from other circuits, thereby eliminating the electrical noise thats produced when you plug multiple appliances in the same circuit. This frees up your computer to run exclusively without major interruptions from power breaks or internal surges.

It Boosts the Productivity of Your Team

Interference from power surges can be very frustrating. The microprocessors in your computer make it particularly vulnerable to the effects of power surges. As a result, you spend more time, and consequently more effort, on the job.

The interference could be due to inadequate wiring or due to damaged power breakers. Our reliable professionals at Neighborhood Electric can install a dedicated computer circuit to solve these problems so that you can have uninterrupted quality time with your computer.

A Dedicated Computer Circuit Ensures Your Safety

If your circuit breaker fails, you are at risk of electrocution or burn from high power surges. A high fluctuation in power supply to your computer can fry the circuit board to produce smoke and fire. Utility cables can also transmit the surge to the casing of your computer, thereby exposing you to electrocution. A dedicated circuit breaker eliminates this risk by reducing circuit overload and persistent power breaks in your computer.

It Elongates the Life of Your Computer

Regular breaks in the power supply to your computer wears down the circuits and other components in the motherboard. This can shorten the lifespan of your computer or render it less useful. A dedicated computer circuit eliminates these breaks and allows your computer to live longer.

Call us now to have a Dedicated Computer Circuit Installed in your Office

At Neighborhood Electric, our team of professionals is on hand to install and upgrade your dedicated computer circuits. We can also check your wiring to see if they are the source of the power fluctuations. Whichever way, we are on standby to help. Give us a call today.