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Electrical Upgrade During Your Remodel
Electrical Upgrade During Your Remodel
February 01, 2023

Electrical Upgrade During Your Remodel

If you live in an older building and are planning to give it a refreshing facelift, then you may want to consider a corresponding electrical upgrade. Older buildings usually have electrical systems that cannot handle the demands of our digital age. Upgrading the electrical system is almost a necessity in some cases. Plus, taking care of an electrical upgrade during your remodel is a cost-effective decision, though it depends on your remodeling project as well as some other factors. Call Neighborhood Electric to consult with a courteous representative and schedule your electrical upgrade today. We have qualified and committed electricians ready to dispatch for emergency requests.

Why Upgrade Your Electrical System?

The old age of your building might be the reason for your plan to remodel. Naturally, homeowners want their home to be on par with or better than the standards of the time. But if the appearance of the home is important, then so is its function.

Technology has developed at a rapid rate in the past couple of decades. Homebuilders from thirty or forty years ago could not have fathomed our increased dependance on electronics. Buildings from those years were neither designed nor built to meet the electrical demand of our time. In fact, some might even have electrical systems that are not up to code with modern building codes.

For instance, many of todays building codes require one outlet every 6 feet. Many customers, however, use so many electronics that they need outlets spaced about 4 feet from each other. Older buildings, meanwhile, may have much fewer. This is especially important in modern kitchens which have become packed with small electronic appliances and gadgets.

There Is No Better Time

If you have the opportunity, it just makes sense to upgrade the electrical system at the same time you are performing a home remodeling project. This is because both projects involve opening up walls and panels. Why cut open walls that you have newly installed when you can take care of electrical work while the walls are opened up for the remodeling work? Plus, getting both done at the same time will allow you to arrange your appliances and equipment. Overall, it saves time, effort, and money to get your electrical upgrade during your remodel.

Who to Call for Electrical Upgrades?

If you are planning to remodel your home, or any building in the Nassau County area, and you are looking for a qualified electrician, then call Neighborhood Electric to speak with a live representative. We offer reliable services around the clock with a host of coupons and promotional offers available on our website. Our certified electricians are experienced, trained, and thoroughly equipped, so you can rest assured you are getting quality service.

In short, if you want to hire a reliable, affordable, and accessible electrician for your electrical upgrades in the Nassau & Suffolk County area, then call Neighborhood Electric. Our live representatives are on standby to take your call now. We can have an electrician dispatched to your location in as soon as within the hour. We can also schedule a flexible appointment.