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Electrical Panel Replacement in Bay Shore
Electrical Panel Replacement in Bay Shore
February 01, 2023

Electrical Panel Replacement in Bay Shore, NY

You need an electrical panel replacement in Bay Shore if you have an old electrical panel. It is the right time that for your fuse box upgrade, a new circuit breaker installation or an electrical panel installation. Well, you must be wondering that if it is worth the cost. We can give hundreds of reasons saying that electrical panel replacement is worth every penny you spent. Is there anything more than the safety of your family staying there? Of course not.

Reach out to Neighborhood Electric and schedule your electrical panel repair in Bay Shore without delay.

Let us have a look at a few reasons why our homes need electrical panel replacement at regular intervals:

Heavy load requirement

Today, the modern homes have more electricity requirement. Gone are the days when only one light used to suffice for one room. Nowadays, we have plenty of lighting options and this eventually pose load on the electrical panel. Further, when you keep on adding more electrical appliances to your property, it calls for more load on the electrical panel. More load mean tripping of lights and thus, an electrical panel replacement becomes necessary.

Electrical fires

Electrical fires are too common nowadays and they happen every year. It is estimated that almost 51,000 houses are burnt due to the electrical fires each year leading to a whopping death of 500 people. The main reason for an electrical fire is that your electrical panel is outdated and there is a chance that you and your family is a victim to one more electrical fire. Thus, instead of putting the lives of your family members in danger, you must call an expert electrician and deal with the problems associated with your circuit breakers. When you go for electrical panel replacement in Bay Shore and get all the wiring checked, you are ensured that everything is in tandem and checked with your home electrical system.

Home resale value

The most important benefit of an electrical panel replacement is that it is going to increase the resale value of your house financially in the market. Today, everyone calls for a house inspection before buying a property and in the inspection if it turns out that something is wrong with the electrical panel, you will have to reduce your quoted price. However, if you have already replaced your electrical panel and have checked everything, you will a good value of the property. In fact, people will be on the toes to purchase your property.

Bay Shore Electrical Panel Installation

Emergency Electrical Panel Services

If you are still doubtful of an electrical panel replacement in Bay Shore, we request you to reach out to us once. Our consultants and expert electricians will talk to you and explain everything that is required for you to take a right decision. We have a top-notch team of electricians to handle any kind of electrical repair in Bay Shore. Electrical panel replacement is a cake walk for us.

Call us today and schedule your appointment for electrical panel replacement in Bay Shore.