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Electric Vehicle Charging Station Installation in Brentwood
Electric Vehicle Charging Station Installation in Brentwood
February 01, 2023

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Installation in Brentwood

Do you want to fulfill your dream of switching to an electric vehicle (EV)? Or youre a business owner planning to abandon your gas-guzzling cars to embrace the EV phenomenon?

Congratulations! Youre about taking a bold step that will help our environment and also allow you to avoid the whims of rising gas prices. However, electric car charger installation at home should be included in your plans.

That isnt going to be a big deal when you allow the experts from Neighborhood Electric to handle all your electric vehicle charging station installation in Brentwood.

Our technicians are certified, bonded, and experienced to install all forms of electric chargers for residential properties. We aim to make sure you get the best electric charger installation service as our technicians are on the front line for your satisfaction.

Why Do You Need Electric Car Charger Installed on Your Property?

Available information from the Department of Energy shows that most EV drivers do more than 80% of their charging at home. It is convenient and stress-free to charge your EV at home. It makes the car fully charged at all times while you take advantage of low, stable residential electricity rates.

Moreover, you dont have to miss an appointment because youre waiting in line to charge your car. Your ride will be ever ready to take you to any destination. EV home charging is even cheaper and eco-friendly when you charge with solar power at home.

Our Experts Can Install Both Level 1 and 2 EVSE

We have the equipment and capabilities to install both the level 1 and 2 EVSE. With a level one charger installed in your garage or any specified location on your premises, you can plug your car directly into a standard 120V electrical outlet.

However, if you want effective and more secured charging, we will install the level 2 charger for you. Level 2 EVSEs lets you have a faster cost-effective way to keep your electric vehicle topped up. It is far more powerful than Level 1, and in most cases, you will gain 10 to 60 miles of range per hour of charging time.

Call us now to get a Full Turn-Key Electric Charger Installation for your Home and Business

Our expert technicians are readily available to help you plan for and install your EV charger(s). When you call or visit our office, we will walk you through the different stages and processes of EV home charger installation. And also recommend the EV charger brand and style that will fit your need.

In addition to receiving VIP customer experience, we also offer upfront pricing, and a 100% money-back guarantee

With our home electric charger installation service, you can have all the convenience of charging your dilatable electric car any time possible.

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You need a reliable and dependable electric company for a stress-free charger installation in your home or office. Call Neighborhood Electric for a free quote if youre ready to get the most out of your new electric car.