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Common Electrical Hazards in the Workplace
Common Electrical Hazards in the Workplace
February 01, 2023

Common Electrical Hazards in the Workplace

There are quite a few chances of electrical hazards in the workplaces. On the job site, these hazards can be controlled when the workers are handed over with the right safety gears, they are well informed and well-trained. On the other hand, lack of experience, inadequate training and failure to recognize the chances of hazards can lead to severe electrical hazards in the workplaces. According to a survey, 52% of the electrical fatalities were reported in various workplaces in the US. Majority of these incidences were due to the direct contact of the worker with overhead power lines, tools and other hand carried electrical objects.

We have compiled a comprehensive list of electrical hazards in the workplace that you can watch out for to make your workplace as safe as possible. The team of Neighborhood Electric believe that precaution is always better than care and thus, our matchless commercial electrical services are there to help you bring out of the severe workplace hazards.

The following are the most common electrical hazards reported at workplaces:

Overloaded outlets or circuits

You must always understand that your power cords, outlets are designed to handle a particular amount of strain. Installing new equipment is very easy but the workplace owners usually stay oblivious of the power capacity of the cords and this results in power overload. When we plug in too many items in one circuit, there is a major risk of overheating of the outlet or fire. Instead of inserting too many plugs in to one cord, you should seek help from an expert like Neighborhood Electric to stay safe.

Damaged Electrical Equipment

One strong reason for electrical hazard at workplace is that either the tools, or any device or any extension cord is damaged. When you see such damages or open wire ends, you must not touch them and call an expert without delay. In such situations, proper precautions should be taken otherwise it can lead to severe injury.

Wrongly installed electrical equipment

One common reason for electrical hazard at workplace is that many of the electrical equipment is wrongly installed. The workplace owner must always ensure that the equipment is installed under expert guidance. Call Neighborhood Electric for help. When you find that any of your equipment is not installed well, you must inform your workers not to tamper with it until the expert arrives to check it.


Last but not least, when there is more humidity in the workplace or there is a water leak in the workplace, it may result in shocks. When you find that your equipment is wet, they must be inspected well before they are touched. Human body is a very good conductor of electricity and thus, the workers should maintain a distance while dealing with wet machinery.

These were some of the common reasons for an electrical hazard. However, the chances of electrical hazards may vary depending upon your line of work. The right action would be to get in touch with an expert.