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Why Your Auto Dealerships Should Invest in Public Charging
Why Your Auto Dealerships Should Invest in Public Charging
March 08, 2024

Why Your Auto Dealerships Should Invest in Public Charging

Today's rapidly shifting automotive landscape features electric vehicles (EVs) as a critical piece of sustainable mobility infrastructure. As more consumers embrace the advantages of EVs, dealerships stand to benefit greatly by investing in public charging infrastructure. Neighborhood Electric explores further by outlining compelling reasons for them to take on this role through EV charger installation.

Meeting Customer Demand

One of the primary motivations for car dealerships to invest in public charging infrastructure is meeting customer demand for electric vehicle (EV) adoption, particularly as demand soars. Prospective EV buyers want assurances they will have quick and convenient access to charging stations; providing on-site public charging infrastructure allows dealerships to attract environmentally conscious buyers while differentiating themselves from rival dealerships.

Enhance Customer Experience

Public charging infrastructure investments not only meet demand but can also significantly enhance customer experiences. Imagine visiting an electric vehicle dealership to test drive an EV; having convenient charging facilities allows prospective buyers to keep their EV charged while exploring all the dealership offers or engaging with sales staff.

Public charging can enhance existing customer experiences at dealerships and turn maintenance or repair visits into pleasurable ones for EV owners rather than seeing it as an inconvenience. They can use charging stations to make sure their car leaves with full power when leaving. Providing this level of customer service fosters loyalty and repeat business.

Investment in Public Charging Infrastructure

Research shows that public charging infrastructure investments have an obvious positive effect on car dealership sales and revenue. Access to convenient charging stations directly influences purchasing decisions for electric vehicles (EVs). By offering convenient options to potential buyers, dealerships can reduce barriers of entry that hinder EV sales, ultimately driving more sales of these eco-friendly cars!

Public charging stations provide dealerships with another revenue source. While some dealerships may provide complimentary charging for customers as an added perk, others can implement fee-based models to monetize these stations further.

Aid Local Economies

Car dealerships should invest in public charging infrastructure because it will help boost local economies. Installation of charging stations necessitates electricians, electrical repair services, and EVSE installers--bringing jobs and economic activity to local communities through charging station installations.

Maintain a Competitive Edge to Stay Ahead of the Curve

Staying ahead in an ever-evolving industry requires staying one step ahead to remain successful over time. Car dealerships that invest in public charging infrastructure can use that as an advantage in leading the transition toward electric mobility and sustainable transport solutions, future-proofing their businesses while staying relevant in today's increasingly dynamic marketplace.

As government regulations and consumer preferences shift towards electrification, car dealerships already invested in public charging infrastructure will be better prepared to adapt and take advantage of any opportunities this transition presents to electric vehicles. They won't need to play catch up as government regulations shift further towards electrification.

Neighborhood Electric

Car dealerships that invest in public charging infrastructure do so not just for customer demand purposes. Doing so is also an investment with long-term implications that could increase sales, enhance the customer experience, and support local economies while protecting and futureproofing the business. By adopting electric mobility and providing convenient charging solutions, dealerships can position themselves as leaders within the automotive industry while contributing towards creating a more eco-friendly future. Neighborhood Electric knows partnerships between electricians, electrical repair services, or dependable EVSE installers are key in investing in public charging infrastructure as car dealerships seek to adapt to this age of electric cars. It may give dealerships an edge when competing against Tesla Motors et al.