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Why Does Whole Landscape Light Need Rewiring?
Why Does Whole Landscape Light Need Rewiring?
February 01, 2023

Why Does Whole Landscape Light Need Rewiring?

Wiring is one of the main parts used in landscape lighting, and it enables easy and convenient installation and allows landscape lights to work effectively with zero problems. A proper wiring job by Neighborhood Electric can boost the safety of your home.


The wires in your electrical system run from the transformer to each fixture, and the electrical wiring may be run underground with a wire splice to connect the wires from the transformer to each light fixture. If you have an old landscape lighting system, there may be a lot of problems with these wire runs, including broken or frayed wires and dead spots where the wiring has been run incorrectly. It is crucial to have an electrician check these connections regularly because they are not weather-resistant and can degrade over time.

The age of your home will be one of the main factors that will impact the condition of the electrical wiring, and this can be especially true if your home is several decades old. You may also find damage from critters such as squirrels chewing on the wiring. You can discover these problems when an appliance no longer works or if you notice sparks when you plug something in. An electrician will be able to quickly determine if there is any damage and will be able to repair it before it leads to severe accidents.

Another problem that may lead you to need whole landscape lighting rewiring is when too many wires run through one circuit breaker, which can overload the system. New wire runs can be done by digging new trenches or reusing existing trenches. If you choose to reuse existing trenches, check for electrical interference from other utility companies.


A transformer is an essential part of your landscape lighting system. When you connect the lights to the transformer, they will not work until the transformer is connected to a power source. When connected, transformers provide low voltage electricity that does not pose a safety hazard and provides enough energy for the lights to work correctly.

Choosing a Transformer Capacity

The transformer that you choose should be of sufficient capacity for all of the lights that are being installed. You will often find transformers rated from 300 watts to 600 watts or more. If your transformer is too small for your system, it can cause problems because there won't be enough power to go around, and some lights may not function correctly.

Install Timers Appropriately

When timers are installed between the transformer and power source, you will be able to control when your landscape light comes on and off by having Neighborhood Electric install timers for your landscape lighting.

  • Timers provide convenience. You don't want to be scrambling to turn your outdoor lights on when it gets dark during the holidays. You also don't want to waste energy by forgetting to turn off your outdoor lights. This is no longer an issue with a timer because the lights will automatically go on and off when you set them.
  • Timers can save you money. Did you know that timers can help you save as much as 30% on your energy bill?
  • Timers provide security. When your home is lit up with outdoor lighting, thieves and vandals will be less likely to target it.
  • Finally, timers are necessary for specific outdoor lighting systems that run off solar power.

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