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Things to Know About Generators during the Current Power Outages
Things to Know About Generators during the Current Power Outages
February 01, 2023

Things to Know About Generators during the Current Power Outages

When faced with natural disasters like storms, hurricanes, and freezing temperatures any system can go down. Taking a cue from the heartbreaking experience in Texas where 15 or more deaths were recorded due to an abrupt temperature change, it is now paramount that every homeowner should have a back-up plan in case of a power outage.

The good news is that when a portable or standby generator is maintained regularly, everyone in that household will stay safe during an emergency. Here are some of the important information you should know about generators and how to make use of them during a power outage.

Difference between the Home-standby and Portable Generators

A home standby generator is installed outside the building and they are designed to supply power in seconds after a power outage. Such generators have the capacity of producing power that will enable all your home electrical equipment, gadgets, and heat-generating appliances to work efficiently throughout the duration of the outage.

The portable generator is smaller, it can be kept in the garage, and also be used to power only minimal home appliances. They are mobile very easy to be wheeled outside when there is a sudden power outage. The mobility of the portable generators will help make your camping more convenient and safe. It is also a major reason the construction workers prefer to use them on-site to operate different tools and lighting.

The Right Ways to use The Generator When the Grid is down

Whether you have a standby or portable power generating set, here are some tips on how to use them effectively.

  • Prior to shopping for a portable or a standby generator, you have to determine the size and capacity that will fit your need. If you cant come up with the exact capacity for your home, a technician from Neighborhood Electric will be glad to help.
  • You must keep or install the generator outside your living area to avoid saturating your indoors with carbon monoxide. Ensure that the outlets of the generator GFCI are protected.
  • Before putting on the generator, you need to clear all of the snow on top and all sides of the unit.
  • Never forget to use the oil grade recommended by the manufacturer

Safety Considerations While Using the Generator

Incorrect back-feeding of the system could damage your appliances, it could lead to an accident, and other safety hazards. Running a portable generator in an enclosed area like the garage can be disastrous to your health.

It doesnt matter if you have windows in your garage, an excessive amount of exhaust fumes containing carbon monoxide can kill a human within minutes of exposure.

Sometimes, you may need to use stabilizers to protect your gadgets from unstable current from the generator. Also, desist from keeping the generator in the snow or wet area because this could cause electrocution.

Consistent Maintenance Should be your priority!

Regular maintenance of the generator will help you maximize the benefits of making such an investment. You will avoid some problems like clogged fuel injectors, hard starting, algae build up on the fuel system, oil leakage, hidden damages, and loose parts.

Home Standby or Portable Generator whats your preference?

It is challenging for some people to determine the size, type, or model of the power generating set that will be good for their family. Dont just give up the desire to have a back-up power source for emergencies. Let a local electricians from Neighborhood Electric help you decide!