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Portable Chargers
Portable Chargers
February 01, 2023

Portable Chargers

Reading emails, watching favorite TV shows, playing mindless games, and other numerous tasks can drain your battery quickly. But having a backup battery can keep your devices juiced up for as long as you need them up and running.

Portable chargers (or power banks) are one useful gadget that lets you store extra juice and take your charge with you anywhere you go. If you are traveling or will be camping for a long time, getting a portable charger will prove invaluable.

Before Buying A Portable Charger

Portable chargers have different capacity, designs, weights, number of ports, and charging technology sizes. Everyone should weigh each factor based on their needs before making a buying decision. Experts at Neighborhood Electric have come up with all the vital factors to consider before purchasing a power bank.


The battery capacity of power banks is measured in milliampere-hours (mAh) just like smartphones and tablets. Portable chargers with larger mAh ratings generally hold more charge than those with smaller ratings. The general rule here is to settle for a power bank with a much higher capacity than that of your device. For example, if your phone has 3,000 mAh of battery, a 20,000mah portable charger should offer a couple of full charges before running out of juice.

For mAh ratings, check the packaging label. Also look out for false specifications because some manufacturers make false claims to push their brands. Buying from a reputable brand or vendor will help you get a dependable unit.

Designs and Weights

Portability is one major reason power banks are created. But not all of them are designed equal. For example, power banks that pack more mAh have bigger batteries, making them huge and heavy in physical size.

If you want to carry the power bank in your pocket all day, getting a bigger unit can be an issue. But size wont matter if you will be charging on a table and store it in your bag.

Number of Ports

Power banks with 5,000 mAh or less usually have only one charging port, whereas those with higher capacity features two or more ports. The understanding here is that power banks with multiple ports let you recharge multiple devices at the same time.

Before purchasing portable chargers with two or more ports, evaluate your needs. One charging port should suffice for just a device, while multi-port power banks may be required for two or more devices.

Charging Time

Charging your power bank and charging your device with a power bank are two separate things. The input current determines the time it will take to recharge the portable charger perhaps from a power outlet while the output current refers to how fast the battery pack will charge your smartphone or tablet. Power banks with 1.5A or above plus a total output of 4A usually charge fast.


Though portable chargers come in a different capacity, designs, and charging time, establishing your needs can help you purchase the right unit. Whether you are taking a family vacation, traveling with friends or going on a camp, remember to bring the charge with you using portable chargers.