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Keeping Your Pets Safe from Electrical Hazards
Keeping Your Pets Safe from Electrical Hazards
June 27, 2024

Keeping Your Pets Safe from Electrical Hazards

Welcome pets into your home to bring joy and companionship and ensure their safety. An often neglected aspect of pet safety involves electrical hazards and potentially the need to reach out to an electrician in Brentwood. From chewed wires to exposed outlets, our homes may pose potential threats that our furry companions must navigate safely around. Neighborhood Electric explores common electrical hazards and offers ways to safeguard our four-legged friends against them.

Chewing on Electrical Cords

One of the primary electrical hazards facing pets is chewing on electrical cords. Puppies, kittens, and adult pets may find it tempting to nibble away at these cords, which could result in burns, electric shocks, or even fires! To prevent your pets from chewing cords:

  • Keep cords out of reach: Arrange furniture to cover them or use cord covers.
  • Deterrent sprays: Bitter-tasting deterrent sprays can discourage pets from chewing cords and cables.
  • Provide alternatives: Provide alternatives that keep your pets occupied and away from electrical hazards.

Should you discover any damaged cords, they must contact an electrician immediately to replace or repair them safely to reduce further risk. A trained professional electrician will know which replacement or repair methods can best protect themselves and you.

Exposed Outlets

Pets who like exploring can become intrigued with objects exposed near outlets, causing shocks or burns when their tiny paws or noses get inside them. This presents another danger.

Outlet covers are relatively affordable and straightforward to install to keep your pets safe. Safety plates offer another means of covering outlets when not being used—an automatic cover when not needed, which automatically covers when no longer required by safety plates while monitoring pets in areas containing multiple outlets.

If you notice loose or damaged outlets, call an electrical repair service immediately to ensure they remain safe and secure.

Pets Can Interrupt Electrical Appliances

Unfortunately, pets may accidentally activate electrical appliances or get too close, potentially endangering themselves and others nearby. A dog might jump onto a counter and knock over a toaster, or perhaps an animal like a cat sleeps behind a warm refrigerator and nibbles away at its power cord in its sleep—both situations present serious safety threats to those involved. Here's how you can minimize these risks:

Unplugging appliances when not needed can save lives! Secure appliances by making sure heavy ones are stable, cords are out of reach, and pet-free zones are created using baby gates or closed doors to exclude animals from rooms where many appliances exist.

Old or Faulty Wiring

Old and faulty wiring present a threat to everyone living in your household—not only pets. Pets could find and chew through hidden wires or gain entry to areas they shouldn't.

Schedule regular inspections with an electrician who can evaluate your home's wiring to identify potential safety risks and upgrade outdated wiring to more modern solutions. If this applies to you, consider upgrading to safer alternatives immediately. If you detect flickering lights, tripped breakers, or burning smells, contact an electrical repair service to address these problems immediately.

Space Heaters and Fans

Space heaters and fans pose an immense risk if pets get close to them or knock them over. They can cause burns or fires when contacting flammable materials like pet bedding or toys.

Select pet-safe models when looking for heaters and fans. Look for heating devices equipped with features that automatically turn them off if they tip over, such as automatic shutoff. Secure their placement to prevent your pet from easily reaching them, and supervise usage by turning these off or unplugging them when not there to supervise.

Holiday Decorations

Holiday decorations often contain extra lights, cords, and electrical items, which could pose risks to pets.

Keep decorations out of reach: Install lights and decorations high up or behind barriers, using cord covers or tape to secure holiday light cords out of harm's way. Monitor for signs of trouble from pets, such as excessive interest. In such instances, move the decorations immediately.

If you have concerns about the safety of your holiday setup, consult Neighborhood Electric. They will offer expert advice and services to ensure that everything remains protected for both people and animals.

Neighborhood Electric

Pets depend on us to protect them, including from electrical hazards. By taking some simple precautions in your home and consulting an electrician or repair service for assistance when electrical issues arise, you can help ensure their environment remains safe. Keep your furry companions secure with regular checks of electrical issues by professional electricians. Assuring peace of mind and knowing their home is free from common dangers is another benefit of doing this!