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How to Install A Kitchen Countertop Pop Up Electrical Outlet
How to Install A Kitchen Countertop Pop Up Electrical Outlet
February 01, 2023

How to Install A Kitchen Countertop Pop Up Electrical Outlet

Buying new gadgets would be enjoyable but sometimes they create a shortage of electrical outlets needed to support all your devices. In other to meet this need, pop-up electrical outlets will always come to the rescue. Most times, it is more challenging to get a space in your countertop for this new installation, at other times, you may not like to have many power strips around the house.

If you want a unique way to install outlets in your kitchen, then pop up outlets are just what you need.

Countertop pop up electrical outlets are inconspicuous and will only pop up when you need them. With pop up countertop outlets, you can confidently say goodbye to kitchen wall outlets while never running out of places to plug in your device.

Installing a countertop pop up electrical outlet is no rocket science. If you read this guide to the end, youll be able to install an electrical outlet on any kitchen countertop without stress.

Step 1

Select the desired location in your kitchen countertop and then cut out an opening for the outlet.

Step 2

Place the pop-up unit into the cut-out opening and then connect the wires from the pop-up unit to the nearest electrical unit.

Step 3

The last step is to secure the pop up with screws and fasten it to its place.

After successfully installing the countertop pop up electrical outlet, the next challenge is to be sure that the circuit is not overloaded.

When using a few appliances, does your kitchen circuit breaker trip? If yes, then thats a sign your kitchen needs an upgrade of the circuit breaker.

You can give us a call and experienced professionals from Neighborhood Electric will be able to advise you whether your kitchen needs a circuit breaker to prevent tripping

The Countertop pop up Electrical Outlet Installation Should Be Done According to Regulations

Another factor you need to consider when selecting where to place your electrical outlet is the standard set by the National Electrical Code (NEC). The standard is that one outlet should be available for the first 9 square feet of your countertop and another outlet for every 18 square feet of the countertop.

The NEC also requires that all kitchen outlets should have a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI). The role the GFCI plays is to detect imbalances in your electrical current and then shut off power when necessary to limit the risk of electric shock to the barest minimum.

Want to Enjoy The Luxury And Comfort Of Using A Countertop Pop Up An Electrical Outlet?

Then, you need the expert services of Neighborhood Electric to help you install a countertop pop up electrical outlet.

Put a call through to us today and our dedicated customer support team will be at your service. At Neighborhood Electric, we are committed to the best possible customer experience and once we receive your call, we will send a nearby and qualified locksmith to your location for immediate help.