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How to Fix Motion Sensor Lights That Won't Turn On
How to Fix Motion Sensor Lights That Won't Turn On
February 01, 2023

How to Fix Motion Sensor Lights That Won't Turn On

One of the most common questions we get from our customers is how do motion sensor lights work? Or, my motion sensor light isn't working! Over the years, we have helped thousands of customers trying to figure out what is wrong with their motion sensor light. We hear from frustrated customers that call us at Neighborhood Electric asking where they should call an electrician or try and fix it themselves.

If you're having problems with your motion-sensor lights, follow this guide to troubleshoot various issues affecting your ability to turn the lights on.

How Do Motion Sensor Lights Work?

Motion sensor lights are designed to turn on when they detect movement nearby. The most common type of sensor is an infrared light detector that senses changes in heat. When you walk under the light, it will sense your heat signature and turn on. These lights can illuminate your front porch, back patio, or anywhere that needs lighting at night.

What Is The Problem With Your Motion Sensors?

Several reasons your motion sensor lights may not be working correctly exist. One of the most common problems is that they may be set too sensitive, so they turn on when there's no motion. This can be fixed by adjusting the sensitivity settings on the light itself or by installing motion sensors with adjustable sensitivity levels (such as those sold by Hampton Bay). Another possible issue is that the bulbs in your motion sensors may be burnt out or broken — if this is the case, replace them with new ones).

How Do You Troubleshoot a Motion Sensor Light?

An electrical repair may be required for your motion sensor light. However, there are some steps you can take to troubleshoot the problem before contacting an electrician.

Check the Sensor

First, check the sensor if your motion sensor light is not turning on. The most common reason they don't turn on is that they're covered with dirt or debris. Remove any debris from the sensor and make sure it's clean. If you don't know where the sensor is located, refer to your owner's manual for instructions on accessing it.

Replace the Lightbulbs

The light bulbs may have burned out. If this is the case, replace the bulbs with new ones compatible with your specific motion detector model.

Adjust the Settings

Motion sensors come with different settings that allow you to adjust how long they stay on after detecting motion and how sensitive they are to moving near them. Most motion sensors will enable you to change these settings using a keypad or remote control device that comes with them when installed by professionals. If there isn't one included with your light, look at the back of your device to see if there's an adjustment button or dial that will allow you to change these settings.

Replace Batteries

The batteries may not be functioning correctly (if there are batteries). Replace them with fresh ones before trying to troubleshoot anything else to eliminate this possibility as a cause of your problem.

Loose Wire Connections

If there is a loose wire connection in your motion sensor light, it will not work properly either because it cannot sense movement correctly or because the electricity does not reach all parts of the light properly. This is an easy fix by simply tightening loose wires and ensuring that each part of your light has power going through it correctly.

Damaged Light Bulbs

If the bulbs in your motion sensor lights are damaged, they will not be able to sense motion properly and will not turn on when they should. If this is the case, you may need to replace the bulbs with new ones.

Neighborhood Electric

Now that you know how to troubleshoot a motion light and find the cause, you can easily remedy the issues and have your sensor working correctly again. If you have questions about what might be wrong with your light or need the assistance of a local electrician, look no further than Neighborhood Electric. With skill, professionalism, and affordability, we help clients tackle all sorts of electrical repairs.