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How Does a Smart Thermostat Work?
How Does a Smart Thermostat Work?
February 01, 2023

How Does a Smart Thermostat Work?

Virtually every home and business have one, but like many of building components, it is overlooked and taken for granted. Thermostats measure an areas temperature and use that data to operate the heating and cooling system. The thermostat is older than the United States; invented in the early 1600s by a Dutch man, the first thermostat was an apparatus with a float inside of a mercury thermometer that connected to a damper cover on a furnace. When the mercury reached a specific level, the float caused the damper to shut. This is the basic function of a thermostat: essentially a heat-activated switch. Since then, there have been several upgrades to the thermostat with the most recent version being the smart thermostat.

Analog Thermostat

The traditional mercury thermostat is the most simple and cheap option and is operated with a push of your finger. However, the button is attached to the apparatus in your home. Temperature measurement on this version is fairly accurate but nowhere near the precision of newer models. Analog thermostats are cheap in the short-run but will comparatively cost a lot in the long-run.

Digital Thermostat

A step up from the classic analog thermostat, the digital thermostat offers a little more control with better temperature measurements. Newer models allow the user to program a schedule tailored to the users lifestyle. Studies have shown that programmable thermostats can offer energy savings of up to 20% but only when the owner selects the right settings and model for their lifestyle.

Smart Thermostat

Like the programmable digital thermostat, smart thermostats can save up to 20% on heating and cooling costs. Unlike the programmable digital thermostat, these thermostats offer remote operation from anywhere with internet connection and require little to no user-input and programming. Some of the advanced models of the smart thermostat can use learning methods to adjust its programming based on past usage as well as GPS data from the owners smartphone. The smart thermostat is the cutting edge in tailored heating and cooling systems.

Which Thermostat is Best?

The smart thermostat is undoubtedly the most advanced and efficient. Choosing the thermostat that is best for you is another question. If you are a homeowner or businessowner with a traditional thermostat installed and do not have the budget for an upgrade, if you only have a couple of rooms, if you remember to always adjust your thermostat based on usage, then upgrading to a digital or smart thermostat may not provide a convincing cost-benefit for you as for others.

If you are often away from home or your business place with a busy schedule and dont want to continuously get up and change your thermostat settings accordingly, then we recommend a smart thermostat. If youre looking to cut back on expenses, a smart thermostat will usually return your investment within a year. When used properly, this device can save a couple hundred dollars annually. In addition to saving you money, upgrading to a smart thermostat will save you the time and hassle of repeatedly getting up and playing with the thermostat. Instead, the smart thermostat allows you to remotely operate the heating and cooling system from anywhere with an internet connect through your smartphone. Finally, these thermostats are a plus for the environmentally conscious as they contain no mercury and are eco-friendly.

If you are a interested in saving time, money, and the environment, then give us a call at Neighborhood Electric to learn how we can install the best smart thermostat for you.