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Home Electrical Safety Tips
Home Electrical Safety Tips
February 01, 2023

Home Electrical Safety Tips

Most people use several electrical appliances at once in most homes, and it can be very easy to ignore electrical risks associated with such appliances. If you have electrical safety concerns, please contact us at Neighborhood Electric for electrical repair, replacement and installation services. The following are some electrical safety tips and ideas you must also follow at home;

Safety Tips and Ideas and Appliances

Make sure all appliances you purchased has been approved by the Underwriters Laboratory (UL), or any other licensed consumer laboratory.

When unused, make sure you unplug all appliances and keep the cords away from children. All appliances that generate heat must be placed a few inches off the ground for proper air circulation and do not tie any drape clothes or tape around them. These appliances include TVs and computer monitors.

Follow appliance instructions carefully and keep them away from water areas such as sinks, bathtubs, and overhead vents. Clothes, curtains, and toys must be kept away from heat sources such as radiators and heat vents. Please contact us at Neighborhood Electric for more information on appliance safety or get repair services on faulty appliances.

Safety Tips for Cords and Outlets

Always check cords regularly for signs of cracks and frays before use. These include power tool cords. Cords must be plugged into outlets firmly and use of snug outlets if the cords can be pulled easily. Cords must not be placed under carpets or rugs; they can become trip hazards when placed under rugs and carpets. Do not make a modification to cords plugs at any time, for instance, you must avoid clipping the throng.

Extension cords are for temporary usage and must be minimized all cost. Always pull on the cord at the outlet rather than tug on the cord, when disconnecting it. You must ensure that you use proper length and weight of the extension cord for the appropriate tasks. Make sure the cord you choose is rated for indoor or outdoor and use appropriately.

All cords must be inserted in the appropriate outlet, using wrong cords in wrong outlets can cause shorts and fire accidents. Make sure you keep to all electrical safety tips. Use child-proof caps on outlets that are not in use. Dont overload outlets with numerous adaptors and never put any other object aside from a plug in the outlet.

Other Safety Tips and Ideas to Follow

Use the light bulbs with the right wattage requirements for their fixtures, and consider upgrading to more electrical-efficient CFL bulbs to lower your electrical wattage usages. Make sure light bulbs are screwed tightly, any loose bulb can trigger fire accident. Make sure you unplug or turn off fixtures before changing light bulbs.

For outdoor safety reasons, always keep trees pruned and away from power lines. Avoid swimming or playing in the water during an electrical storm and teach your kids to observe this rule too. If you need any electrical repairs on faulty electrical system or appliance, please contact us at Neighborhood Electric and our certified electrician will be there to help you out.