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Electrical Frequently Asked Questions
Electrical Frequently Asked Questions
February 01, 2023

Electrical Frequently Asked Questions

Are you wondering whether it's time to call an electrician for your electrical service? Have you been experiencing mysterious issues that you think are caused by wiring issues but aren't sure? It is very common for homeowners and businesses to have questions about their electrical system. At Neighborhood Electric, we strive to provide quality commercial and residential electrical service for our clients. Our team of professionals is always ready to answer any questions that our local customers have, and we would like to extend the same to you as well. Read below for a list of the most common frequently asked questions.

What Kind of Electrical Repairs Can I Do Myself?

Unfortunately, there isn't a yes or no answer to this question, as it will depend on the property owner's level of expertise. If you have formal training and certification as an electrician, you could perform many more tasks safely than a person with little to no electrical education. It's important to remember that states, counties, and cities may also have established laws that a licensed electrician must perform a specific electric service. While switching out a light switch may be a simple enough process for a handy homeowner, others may be very intimidated by the same task. Generally speaking, electrical work can be life-threatening and should be left to the professionals if there is any doubt. It's also a good idea to check with your local municipalities to determine if you are legally required to hire an electrician, even if you have extensive experience.

Where Is That Strange Humming Sound Coming From?

Have you been hearing a strange buzzing sound coming from behind the walls? While this may seem like a scene in a scary movie, it can be a red flag that an electrical issue has presented itself. Never ignore humming or buzzing sounds. Instead, turn the electricity off to the area where the sound is coming from at the breaker, and call an electrician immediately.

Are GFCI Outlets Really That Important?

Yes, GFCI outlets are essential for the safety of those living inside your home. Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter outlets help protect against electrical shock in areas where there is likely to be high levels of moisture. Bathrooms, laundry rooms, mudrooms, kitchens, utility closets, and similar locations should always have GFCI outlets in place.

Why Do My Breakers Keep Tripping?

There could be many reasons why you are making multiple trips to your breaker box. This could be a warning sign that your property's wiring has an issue that needs to be repaired. If you live in an older house where the wiring was installed decades ago, then it's a good idea to invest in an inspection. On the other hand, you might simply need to upgrade the amps. If you have a 100 amp system but have a large household that frequently uses many different tools, devices, and appliances simultaneously, then it may be time to make an improvement. A 200 amp system should cover the needs of a modern household.

Do You Need a Reliable Electrical Service in the Suffolk County, NY, Area?

Is it time for you to invest in your next electrical inspection, wiring upgrade, outlet installation, or repair? Then it's important that you hire a qualified electrician who will perform the task accurately. The experienced technicians at Neighborhood Electric are here to help ensure that your electrical system remains safe and effective long term. Contact our office for more details or to book an upcoming appointment with an electrician in your area.