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Benefits of a Smart Electricity Meter
Benefits of a Smart Electricity Meter
February 01, 2023

Benefits of a Smart Electricity Meter

Smart meters that are distributed and installed by utility companies have been around for a while. In many ways, smart meters are far better than standard analog electricity meters because they provide many benefits to users.

A smart meter records your households energy usage, provides you with the information, and wirelessly transmits the data to your utility company for a more accurate billing and system monitoring. Other information that a smart energy meter measures include current and voltage levels.

With a smart meter installed in your home, your energy supplier wouldnt have to send their employee to your home to read your meter because the readings are automated. Wondering about the benefits of a smart energy meter? Here are 4 reasons to have one installed in your home.

Real-Time Energy Data

In addition to monitoring your households energy consumption, a smart energy meter provides you with your daily energy usage information. Depending on the energy provider, the information can be accessed online or viewed through a digital device called In-Home Display (IHD). This helps you to easily identify strategies that can help lower your energy usage and save more on electric bills. For example, looking at your usage may help you see that youre burning more energy than is needed during certain hours of the day.

Bid Estimated Reading Farewell

With a standard analog electric meter, youll have to send your meter readings to your supplier or welcome a meter reader into your home for a meter reading. When you failed to submit the readings or a service person from the utility was unable to read your meter, youll receive an estimated billing.

Usually, the provider may calculate the estimate based on your past energy use or what they think you used. The latter is often the case if they dont have enough data about your energy usage. A smart electric meter, however, sends your actual daily electric usage automatically to your supplier, making for more accurate readings and billing.

Efficient Use of Resources and Human Power

With smart meters, utility companies dont have to send out meter readers anymore. As a result, costs that would otherwise be used to finance their work can be channeled to other areas of the company operations.

Identify Faulty Appliances

Domestic appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines will consume more energy than normal if they become faulty. Information gathered from the In-Home Display device that connects to your smart meter may help you discover any sudden spikes in energy use, which could have happened due to a defective appliance.

Let Neighborhood Electric Help Track Your Energy Usage

Are you yet to have a smart meter installed in your home? Until your utility company do that for you, we can help you install a power consumption meter that will record and provide you with your real-time energy usage information.

With this information, you can make choices that will help you reduce your energy bills. If you also have any other electrical work done in your home, the experts at Neighborhood Electric will be glad to help you out. To find out what we can do for you, contact us today to schedule a nearby electrician in your area.